- Payment systems commission for replenishment is now 0%!

Greetings to all. Our platform does not take and will never take its own commission for depositing / withdrawing funds. However, this is done by the payment systems, with the help of which you replenish your Invest Box account.

Due to the many appeals about the commission for replenishment, we decided to pay extra to the users the commission of payment systems.

Now, when crediting your account, the commission of the payment system will be added to your internal account on our platform. That is, you will receive exactly the amount withdrawn from your payment system account to the Invest Box account.

Sincerely, The Invest box.

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  1. 4difeer666
    18.11.2018 11:00
    I almost did not have time to this action, I lost 10 rubles. Plak plak ((
    1. Lavr
      20.11.2018 15:33
      I went to 20 $ c PM, until I see the transfer to the balance of the project 20,39 $ transfer with the percentage of the payment system)