Competition with the distribution of 25 $ for the best forecaster of the Bitcoin rate!

Friends, we announce a competition for the best forecaster of the cue ball. Your task is to pass interview and under the survey in the comments leave an accurate forecast of the course of Bitcoin on 01.12.2018 (results in 16.00 MSC)

An example of a comment that participates: I predict the course 6.456 $ for 1 cue

Prizes: first people as accurate as possible leave a comment will receive 5$.

We are waiting for you in our group:

Take part and collect cash prizes!

The course will look here:

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  1. 4difeer666
    05.12.2018 17:22
    Oh, no luck. Cryptocurrency is difficult to predict))
  2. mas777
    15.11.2018 21:01
    My prediction is 5.735 .... here!
  3. avv
    14.11.2018 17:11
    The course with which exchange is compared?
    1. richmonkey
      14.11.2018 20:12