Frequently Asked Questions about HYIPs

What is a "HYIP"?

HYIP (in English HYIP, an abbreviation of the High Yield Investment Program) is a highly profitable investment program that generates capital from the cash deposits of ordinary Internet users. Currently, 99% of all HYIP projects are financial pyramids in which payments are made from new deposits. Sooner or later the inflow stops, and, honestly, the administration does not work, the opportunity to cover the obligations disappears, while the last ones who have invested lose their money. Often there is a so-called "legend" about making money on Forex, PAMM accounts, options, sports betting and so on in HYIP projects, remember that with very few exceptions it is just a legend. HYIP earns nothing, and therefore the income of some is always the loss of others, in other words, money is simply redistributed.

What does the term "Scam" mean?

Scam (eng. Scam - fraud, scam) - the termination of payments by the HYIP project for any reason. This may be just a stop payment and then delete the site. Also, the project site itself may hang for a very long time after the termination of payments, collecting money from newcomers who accidentally hit it. More information about the causes and signs of scams can be found in the section. "Articles" our website. 

What is a "restart"?

Restart is a concept closely related to scam, with the difference that the project worked honestly, payments were made as long as the project had the opportunity to cover them, then new deposits were not enough to cover the payments and the administration restarted the project and resetting all user accounts. The latter who invested during the restart as well as with the scam lose their money. Restarts on our monitoring are not welcome and are quite rare when the administrator actually showed a decent job with an adequate period for marketing the project. But, the risks of participation in them are even higher than in working projects, remember this.

Is it real to make money on HYIPs?

It is real to earn money in HYIPs, but not everything is as easy as it may seem at first glance. It is necessary to be able to choose the right projects, not to throw all the money in one HYIP, no matter how well it works, not to invest large sums in just a running unknown project, to be able to stop in time and not to give in to excitement. All this comes with experience, so beginners are encouraged to start exploring the world of HYIPs with very symbolic contributions in order to get comfortable and understand what’s what. Also, HYIPs should still be perceived not as the main source of income, but as additional income or a game (like a casino, with a great chance of winning with the right approach).

How long will this or that project work?

Sometimes the administrator himself doesn’t know the answer to this question. There are a lot of factors affecting the work of the project, and it’s unrealistic to calculate everything and take into account. Anything can happen in a perfectly working project: from the banal administrator’s greed to various technical problems, wallets blocking and hosting. Also, the influx of new deposits may simply decrease for one reason or another, and, as we already know, in HYIP projects, payments are made just due to these new deposits. So, "vangovanie" in the hip projects, a thankless task, sooner or later the forecast will fail for reasons beyond the forecaster.

How to start working with a HYIP project?

As a rule, most HYIPs work with popular electronic payment systems, such as: Payeer, PerfectMoney, Qiwi, and others. Registering a wallet in any of them will not be difficult and does not take much time - everything is intuitive and takes on the strength of 10 minutes. Ways to replenish their electronic wallets are also plenty.

What is the difference between the types of payments: "Manual", "Instant" and "Automatic"?

Manual Payments mean that the HYIP administrator makes payments manually and this takes some time, as a rule, the procedure for receiving payments in a project from the moment it is ordered is 24 hours.

instant (from English "instant" - instantly) means that the payout orders are processed by the program (site script), and the money comes to your wallet immediately after the payment order.

Automatic - this is when both the order of payments and payment are made automatically, there is no need to visit the website of the HYIP to order payments, the money will be automatically credited to the account in the payment system.

What is HYIP Monitoring (HYIP Monitoring), why is it needed?

This is a website like this one that makes up the HYIP rating based on the analysis and personal experience of the monitoring administration. Monitoring provides various technical information that helps investors determine the choice of HYIP for investment. In addition, monitoring displays the current payment status of the investment project and the regularity of payments. Having an active deposit, monitoring also receives payments on a par with ordinary investors, in fact, on the basis of these payments, payment status is established. The monitoring also responds to investors' complaints about problems with HYIPs, gives recommendations. There is a voting function on the monitoring, where each investor can rate HYIP and leave a comment that other monitoring users will see.

What does the "Status" of the HYIP on monitoring depend on?

PAYS - we received all payments on time, according to the conditions, and there are no complaints from investors.

NEW - HYIP is either preparing for the start, or has recently been taken for monitoring, and payments on deposits from it have not yet arrived (receiving referral payments does not mean that the project is already paying, sometimes very nasty admins after the launch of the system pay only referral, and when it comes up time of payments on deposits - merge).

PROBLEMS - there are delays in payments (within the rules, but not typical for the normal work of the project). Or received a complaint from the referral, and this information is verified and confirmed. Or there are technical problems.

SCAM (DOES NOT PAY) - payments are not received according to the conditions of Hype and the administration of Hyip does not respond to letters. Or, selective payments are seen and there is a confirmed complaint from an investor. The decision to change the status of the Hype is made by the Monitoring administrator and depends on the specific situation.

What is the referral system and ref-commission?

Most websites on the Internet offer an affiliate program to their users in HYIP, this is called the Referral System. The point is the following, for attracting a new investor to the HYIP website, you get a certain% of his contribution, this percentage is called the referral commission. The referral is the one who was attracted, the referrer is the one who attracted. Sometimes you can, without investing your money, earn money by attracting other investors. The size of the ref-commission may be different, from 1 to 15 percent. There can also be several levels in the referral system, when you can receive rewards not only from your referral, but also from the contribution of your referral referral (like network marketing). There are not one-time payments, but regular ref-commission payments, only interest is lower (for example, 0,05% daily). In order to secure a referral, it is necessary that he visit the HYIP website via a special referral link. Attention! Never register as a referral with yourself, this is easily monitored and fraught with deposit blocking!

What recommendations can be given to a beginner HYIP investor?

  • Do not invest what you can not afford to lose.
  • Do not borrow / invest in HYIPs.
  • Do not pursue large percentages, the safest is 1-3% daily.
  • Do not invest the entire amount in one project, divide between 5-10 projects, this will help reduce the risk of loss.
  • Do not register in your own ref-link (multi-accounts), the deposit will be blocked without a refund.
  • Practice without a contribution, that is, without making a deposit, but simply marking the date and amount of the contribution to a particular HYIP. When the HYIP is closed, it will be possible to calculate the possible profits / losses. Then you can analyze your mistakes and change the selection criteria for HYIP.
  • Look at the HYIP forums often, there are many discussions of various strategies and evaluation criteria. The most popular Russian-language forum -

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