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What are HYIP projects?

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Many users want in a short period of time to increase their own financial condition several times, without making any effort to do so.

As a main type of earnings, they consider a variety of investment projects that attract promises of fabulous profits. They work on the principle of “money makes money”, so it’s enough for the user to deposit a certain amount and receive dividends. Such projects are called HYIPs. Most function on the principle of financial pyramids.

HYIP is a project that positions itself as an investment fund that guarantees a quick return on investment with subsequent profit. In fact, it is a fraudulent organization that can close at any time.

How do the HYPs work?

Investing in HYIP projects is risky. At the first stage, a marketing company is carried out to attract customers, due to which payments to beginners are made in the future. After cash receipts decrease or they begin to be lacking to cover obligations, a scam (closing) occurs.

Distinctive features of HYIP

  • The administrators of such funds keep the company's activities in the strictest secret or provide very superficial information on this matter.
  • Offer exorbitant interest.
  • Do not indicate the physical and legal addresses of the organization.
  • Payments are accepted on anonymous hosting.
  • Often use logos or brands of famous global investment corporations.
  • They can turn to faith and play on human ambitions.
  • Apply tactics of persuasion - for example, if everyone invests money, then it is safe and profitable.
  • They work mainly with electronic payment systems.

For a potential investor, a certain legend has been invented, which in most cases sounds implausible.

Making payments using electronic currencies is much easier than making transactions from one bank account to another. Recent reviews about HYIPs indicate that WebMoney has suspended collaboration with most of these projects.

How to find HYIPs that pay?

To find HYIP projects that pay, it is better to go to HYIP Monitoring and carefully study the proposals, after reading the reviews and comments of the administrator. After all, now the Internet is replete with a variety of resources that offer substantial profits, but most of them are fraudulent.

Honest monitoring will help to identify unclean funds, which forms a constantly updated ranking of TOP HYIP projects.

Our employees make small contributions and independently monitor the work of the funds. We monitor the HYIP projects and determine the most "honest" and promising ones. Then a peculiar rating is formed based on several criteria:

  • Yield.
  • Solvency.
  • Perspective.
  • Convenience of use, etc.

Then, hyip monitor brings to the top of the ranking the best new HYIP projects, which you can currently trust with your own funds. The user has the right to choose what is more important for him: high income or stability. Monitoring paying HYIPs allows potential customers to minimize potential risks and make the right choice.

Before you invest in a dubious enterprise, carefully analyze and test it. The best HYIP monitor that can save you from rash actions, you will find on our website.

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  1. I mainly invest in projects that admins recommend. And if there is also insurance, then this is an additional plus!
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