A detailed review of the economic game Golden Mines. Divorce or real earnings?

Greetings to you, dear friends! The network has long been known economic game with the withdrawal of real money Golden Mines. The game is actively promoted on various advertising sites, blogs and youtube, which causes a certain resonance among people who want to make money on the Internet. Golden Mines game represents two separate sites with different accepted currencies: rubles and dollars, but the owners and the principle of their work are absolutely the same.

The official domain of the ruble game - golden-mines.biz (more than 4 years on the network), and the dollar golden-mines.org (has existed for about 3 years). The administration assures its users of quick and maximum easy profit. But is it really so? RichMonkey.biz decided to conduct its own analysis of the Golden Mines game. What is this: another "lohovozka" or an investment project worthy of attention?

Golden Mines game with the conclusion: how to participate?

Golden Mines is an online game that offers you to buy gnomes who mine ore for you. After that, the ore is sold for gold, which is exchanged for real money.

When registering the game Golden Mines does not give any bonuses to new users. Therefore, in order to understand the principle of the game you will have to immediately make a real recharge. But do not rush to do it! With further reading of this article you will understand why :)

Let's take a closer look at all the investment conditions of Golden Mines. In the game there is an internal currency - gold, the rate of which 100 coins = 1 ruble. 5 gnomes worth 1 to 1000 rubles are offered for purchase:

Calculate the average return on the cost of the gnome: "Special" (50 rubles). He brings 370 units. ore per hour. Collected ore is exchanged at the rate of 100 ore = 1 gold coin. At the same time, there are two accounts in the game: for withdrawal and for purchases. 70% of all received coins go to purchases, and only 30% goes to withdrawal! So 370 ore is 3.7 gold, of which 2.59 will go for purchases, and only 1.11 for withdrawal. In rubles it will be 1.11 / 100 or approximately 1 kopek. During the day, such a dwarf will bring 24 pennies. Over 30 days 7.2 ruble, and the total payback will come only after 7 months !!! Return on investment will have to wait a very long time ...

How to withdraw money from the game Golden Mines?

Suppose you did take the risk and invested in the game. How to withdraw your money? To do this, go to the tab Golden Mines output. The minimum amount to withdraw 50 rubles, so you have to wait several months when they accumulate on your account. The project offers payments to four popular payment systems: Payeer, Qiwi, Yandex.Money and WebMoney. After some time you should get your money on EPS.

You have already understood how bluntly Golden Mines is deceiving its depositors! But the most interesting thing to come. Go to the next point of our review!

Why is Golden Mines cheating?

In Game Golden Mines have a special points system that limits the ability to withdraw your money! Points are awarded for replenishing and attracting new partners to the game. The whole secret is that with each deposit, a number of points is charged, which is not enough to withdraw the entire amount of the deposit! Therefore, to return the investment will have a long search for new people in the game and invite them to participate in it. Only by attracting a large number of active partners, you will be able to derive something from the economic game. Golden Mines! With a very long payback period and a point system, we consider the game Golden Mines divorce clean water! Here are three reasons why you should not participate in the game:

  • The breakeven average is about 6-7 months.
  • The minimum amount for payments 50 rubles.
  • A points system that makes it impossible to fully get your money back.

How to make money online?

Fortunately, not everything is so gloomy and you can really make money on the Internet! For this there is another, more transparent and profitable method. At the moment, HYIPs are in high demand - highly profitable investment projects that distribute users' funds, providing dividends within the framework of partnership conditions. There are a lot of HYIPs and among them there are pearls that bring a stable and passive profit. You can view and track such information in the “monitoring". We select high-quality investment projects, check them with our own deposit and publish reports. All statistics are completely transparent. You will be able to select paying HYIP, which is a success among investors. In addition, no one enters anyone by the notion of false marketing tricks - all percentages are charged only on the basis of the initial conditions! For greater profitability of investing, our blog offers generous bonuses and insurance, which you can read about in the “about us". Join our chat telegram, communicate with real investors and be in profit! Regards, your blog RichMonkey.biz!

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  1. LegenDa
    05.02.2019 08:01
    Very detailed description, thanks. I will adopt
  2. IvanUstinow
    07.01.2019 13:04
    Yeah, with such a profit it makes no sense to kill so much time in the game.
  3. evkonti
    03.01.2019 18:27
    First, I regularly withdraw money from this game. Until the admin has changed the withdrawal rules. And truncated! ... ku-ku Maroussia! More I can not withdraw money from there ... well, soooo long it is necessary to type the minimum for withdrawal. Interest in this game is instantly gone! :-)
  4. Asmadai
    31.12.2018 17:38
    Thanks for the detailed review, Richie! and after all the majority are conducted on this deception, come and lose their hard-earned