TOP-5 ways to earn money without investment

TOP-5 ways to earn money without investment

Sooner or later, many people had a question "how to make money online? ","what can I earn on the Internet without investments? ". We have prepared for you the TOP-5 ways to earn money without investing on the Internet in the performance of tasks.


This information will be most interesting and relevant for students or schoolchildren, but absolutely everyone can earn in such ways.

Participation in surveys

You can get paid to participate in surveys on a variety of topics. On average, you can get for participation in the survey from 50 rubles. This type of earnings does not always require special knowledge.

Earnings on comments and reviews

For completing assignments related to commenting and feedback, you can get from 1.5 to 5 rubles. The average monthly income will be 5000 rubles.

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Social Networks

One of the most popular types of earnings without investment at the moment are social networks. You can perform simple actions on the type to leave a comment, like or repost for a certain reward from 2 rubles.

Earnings on clicks

Looking through sites, videos, subscribing to social networks and performing other simple actions, improving the behavioral indicators of advertisers will, on average, pay you from 2 to 5 rubles per action.

Captcha set

During registration on sites you are asked to enter a special set of characters. This is called captcha. Some projects pay money for recognition. The cost of thousands of pictures comes to 45 rubles. The most popular site that offers earnings on captcha is called

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