Is it real to make money on HYIPs?

Many people know that investing in HYIP projects is a rather risky venture. Let's be frank, most of the investors remain in a significant minus. These are, as a rule, beginners or users who do not bother to conduct elementary analytics of the project, but rely solely on their own initiative.

If you intend to make money on HYIPs, then you should know the meaning of the term diversification.

What is risk diversification?

In the HYIP segment, the use of diversification is the only way to constantly stay in profit. This principle is used by all professional investors.

The term “diversification” itself implies the receipt of additional profit due to the reorientation of its own segment to the innovative concept.

Newbies usually invest all the money in one place. Even if you carefully analyze the project you like, then it is not immune from a sudden closure (scam). Investors with experience are guided by the principle of diversification - they take a large amount and divide it into several HYIPs.

If some investment projects are closed, others will help not only to cover the losses, but also to get substantial profits. Proper selection of HYIPs guarantees you a permanent plus.

Investment strategies

It all depends on the user. Some invest in projects with huge interest rates, others prefer stability. Conventionally, there are four main investment strategies:

  • Careful. The essence of this strategy is to invest money in one medium-term project, with a constant withdrawal of interest.
  • Ambitious. The user divides dividends into two equal parts. He takes one for himself and reinvests the other into the HYIP project for additional profit.
  • Aggressive. The user does not withdraw dividends, but completely reinvests them in the project, intending not only to significantly increase the deposit, but also to get a more substantial profit in the future.
  • Rational. The user returns the money invested in the project, then goes to the strategy of "ambitious" or "aggressive."

Reviews about HYIPs prove that any of the strategies listed above has the right to life. The main thing is not to be mistaken with the projects and choose the best platforms for investment.

How to find HYIPs that pay?

To find HYIP projects that pay, it is better to go to the monitor and carefully review the comments of the administrator. Indeed, even the most attractive platform for investment can be a bait for a gullible investor.

Honest monitoring will help you find scammers. Based on the results, a rating of TOP HYIP projects is formed on our website.

The administrator invests money and independently monitors its performance of the site. He monitors projects and recommends the most promising. Then a peculiar rating is formed based on several criteria:

  • Interest rate.
  • Solvency.
  • The projected lifetime of the project.
  • The prospect of a possible scam.
  • Convenience of the interface.
  • Ways to deposit and withdraw funds.

Nyip monitor on our site offers the best new HYIP projects in which you can and should invest money. After all, the further profit of the investor depends on the correctly chosen resources. Monitoring paying HYIPs allows users not to become a victim of charlatans.

Do not invest in the first project, and spend his analysis. Best monitoring that will save you from rash actions is available on our website.

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  1. AlexanderKudrya8027
    26.12.2020 18:57
    I always try to diversify money - this is the key to success, I think. Thank you for the article
  2. Robin2020
    22.07.2020 17:01
    I try to monitor before investing, but it doesn't always help. Thanks for the article!
  3. mirov84
    15.06.2020 19:17
    Investors with experience are guided by the principle of diversification - they take a large amount and divide it into several hyps - I also began to be guided by this strategy after reading your articles about hype.
    ATP to the author for the article!
  4. matrix2000
    13.06.2020 23:53
    I evaluate projects by the same parameters)
  5. NikitaPuchkin2000
    13.06.2020 23:23
    Thank you for the article. Use caution
  6. Nightmare
    06.08.2019 15:50
    While I'm a beginner, I use "cautious".
    Thanks for the educational program, I emphasize a lot of important information for myself.
  7. matrix2000
    06.08.2019 03:41
    I take care
  8. Alex2601
    21.05.2018 16:55
    I mostly use "cautious" very rarely "ambitious" investment strategies!
    1. udimka
      15.01.2019 23:22
      Yes, you never know how the project will work. Sometimes you think you still have room to grow and he scam, and vice versa. It seems that everything is already out of the project, but it all works and works)