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9 postulates for a novice investor

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If you decide to make money on investment projects, but have never come across them before, then you first need to know the basic information. It will help you quickly navigate the HYIP segment and not make mistakes at the very beginning.


A beginner needs to register two email boxes. One you will use exclusively for a variety of payment systems. Another need for registration on projects.

In order to avoid unauthorized penetrations, it is better not to use an electronic box for payment systems anywhere else. Experts advise you to register in the Gmail service.


When a novice is registered at the same time at several sites, the same password is often indicated. It is not recommended to do this.

In the HYIP industry, there are many unscrupulous system administrators who can log in with your password on other investment sites and withdraw money from there. If you use the same password for payment systems, then you risk to see zeros on the balance once.

Electronic payment systems

Register at once in all popular payment systems. It happens that an excellent HYIP project uses only one unpopular system, or to replenish the balance and withdrawal are carried out using only cryptocurrency.

Be sure to register with:

  • Perfect Money.
  • Payeer.
  • AdvCash.

These payment systems most closely cooperate with various HYIP sites.

Search for promising projects

This section should be given special attention, because it depends on the correct selection of the project whether the investor will receive a profit or lose his hard earned savings.

Before investing in HYIP projects, you need to carefully analyze each of them. It is quite difficult for a beginner to do this on his own. He can give an assessment of the site, relying solely on intuition.

To find HYIP projects that pay, it is better to go to hype monitor and carefully examine the offers by reading the admin reviews and comments. Here the beginner will find the most truthful and reliable information.

HYIPs that are paid are analyzed using honest monitoring. The administrator makes contributions to several promising sites and oversees their work. Then it forms the rating of the TOP HYIP projects in which the most solvent ones participate.

Satya provides detailed information about each investment site. Monitoring of HYIP projects determines the most “honest” and promising ones. A beginner himself has the right to choose, minimize risks or get the maximum profit.

Hyp monitor helps you find the best new HYIP projects. It is impossible to completely avoid risks in this industry, but it is possible to minimize them. Monitoring paying HYIPs will allow the novice to make the right choice.

No need to immediately chase a huge profit. Carefully analyze everything. Better monitoring will help the newcomer take the first step.

Choosing a partner

Reviews about HYIPs show that it is important not to make a mistake with the partner under which you registered. It depends on him:

  • The refback amount you get for investing.
  • The amount of insurance in case of closure of the project
  • Information support.


To minimize the risks allows diversification. A beginner does not need to dwell on one project. It is better to split the cash and invest in 10 or 15 HYIPs at the same time. When some projects cease to pay money, you will discourage losses and make a profit at the expense of others.

Financial portfolio

A beginner should start with a small amount of money. There is a high probability that at first it will be wrong, which means that financial losses are inevitable.

Once he learns to consistently make a profit, you can move on to larger investments.


If the investor has correctly selected the projects and is guided by the principle of diversification, then the 2-3 projects scam will allow to get substantial profit.

After closing the investment site, do not be upset. It is better to do a search for a new HYIP project.

Referral Program

With the help of the referral program, each investor can attract an unlimited number of investors. New investors will help the user to significantly increase profits. Typically, the referral link is registered in your account.

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  1. Thanks for the article! It is always necessary to remember about security measures: I came across myself, but many acquaintances flew. If you are too lazy to invent different passwords, you can put a special program like KeePass. And of course, the choice of projects is also very important. We rely on this blog.
  2. Thanks for the information! Naturally, you need to figure out what is different. You can lose everything at once, if you do not follow these rules. AdvCash is no longer a top payment, unfortunately rarely who now uses it in HYIPs.
  3. He himself learned from mistakes, apparently got to one of these administrators, who brought me money, well, I noticed in time and the amount came out still funny!
  4. As a newbie, I have already reread many recommendations, many useful things that I don’t understand myself always consult. Anyway experience always comes by trial and error, but timely useful information will save you money.
    1. In any case, the best experience is practical, even the knowledge of the theory will not protect from the bumps, but it will still make them smaller.
  5. Excellent article!
    Everything is clearly and structured. When I started working with HYIPs I studied a lot of things, I got to something myself. This article contains the most important and useful information. It was enough just to read it and everything would become clear))
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