7 ways to attract referrals

Investments in HYIP projects can bring substantial profits not only due to an increase in cash deposits, but also through an affiliate program. It helps to attract a lot of potential investors by referral link, from which the referrer receives a certain percentage.

Experts highlight free and paid ways to attract. Each of them has a different conversion, and also has advantages and disadvantages.

Free options

  • Spam. One of the easiest ways to attract potential investors. This is a rather laborious process, since the distribution has to be carried out in manual mode. Spam automation will require cash infusions. Most users have a negative attitude towards spam, so it’s hard to call it an effective way.
  • Channel Youtube. This method is associated with significant time costs. After all, the video blogger must first unleash its own channel, gathering on it the target audience of subscribers, and only then rely on their loyalty. But the presentation of a certain product on the channel is able to interest potential investors, and the referrer, in turn, will receive a considerable monetary profit.
  • Social networks. If a user has many friends, he is able to invite them to invest in a HYIP project, following his referral link or creating a special thematic group.
  • Forums. If you are registered on a popular thematic forum and are among the first to make a review on a new project, then other forum members may be interested and follow your referral link.
  • Free advertisements. Thoroughly describe the investment platform, indicating its advantages and disadvantages. Post your information on free message boards. It is better to use at least ten boards at a time.

Paid options

Your website or blog... HYIP reviews indicate that this is a very effective way to attract potential contributors. Some people create free resources using custom builders, but most users pay for hosting and domain.

Advertising. Here you need to clearly understand that the effectiveness of an advertising company directly depends on the resources on which it is used. It is better to order it on similar sites.

How to find HYIPs that pay?

If you want to find HYIP projects that pay, go to our monitoring. Here you can find a variety of different investment sites. Honest monitoring will help identify unclean funds, which forms the current rating of TOP HYIP projects.

The staff of our site make contributions and independently monitor the work of the resource. They monitor the HYIP projects and determine the most solvent and promising ones. Then a rating of recommended investment sites is formed.

Hyip Monitor offers only the best new HYIP projects, which are now trusted by investors. The user has the right to give preference to high income or stability. Monitoring paying HYIPs will allow you to earn substantial profits while minimizing risks.

Experts recommend carefully checking the project before investing.

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