How to profitably invest in HYIPs on smart contracts?

How to profitably invest in HYIPs on smart contracts?

HYIPs working on smart contracts are now very popular. This system is interesting to users with relative transparency, and administrators with the opportunity to attract an increasing number of investors. In detail, what are smart contracts and how projects work for them, we considered in previous article. Now we will talk about the main nuances of investing in HYIPs on smart contracts: what to look for when choosing which wallets to use and how to invest and withdraw money. 

What should I look for when choosing a HYIP on a smart contract?

A distinctive feature of such projects is their “honesty”. By themselves, they work in the same way as an ordinary financial pyramid, but the dynamics of general replenishment and conclusions are not hidden from prying eyes.
On the main page of each project, an Ethereum wallet is registered for deposits, which can be copied and pasted on the Etherscan website ( in order to view all deposits and payments, as well as the total balance of funds.

In addition, such projects boast that their system is made in such a way that the administrator cannot withdraw the entire cash register of his own free will. HYIP owners take only a certain percentage of the cash register, which is programmatically spelled out in the smart contract code. Sometimes it happens that 100% of all deposits go to payments. But this is utopia, because no project can successfully develop without paid advertising. What percentage the creators take for themselves is usually indicated on the main page in the "marketing" section.

True, not everyone fulfills these conditions. Therefore, in order to make sure that the administration is honest, it is necessary to analyze the smart contract code. We are not programmers and therefore we practically do not understand anything in these letters. For this, there is a public security audit that checks how secure the code is and whether the administration can take the cashier on its own. The audit data should also be posted on the project website. The smart contract code can also be viewed in Etherscan by opening the "code" tab:

It so happens that administrators close the code from public viewing. This means that the project has something to hide. Therefore, it is worthwhile to guard against investment in projects without public access to the smart contract and audit.

How to buy air and where to store?

It is most profitable to buy air through a third-party exchanger. To select it, you should use the monitoring of BestChange exchangers. More about him you can read in this review.  

But first you need to have your Ethereum wallet. The best criteria for us are speed, usability and mobility. Not all essential wallets are suitable for investment. Only MyEtherWallet ( Jaxx ( and Metamask ( For lovers to sit on the phone, you can use the TrustWallet mobile applications ( and Jaxx.

The work of these wallets is the same. We will only carefully consider the process of working with MyEtherWallet ( and TrustWallet ( Go to the main page of MyEtherWallet, to create a wallet, we are asked to enter your 9-character password. Be sure to make a complex password that has never been used before!

Next we will be asked to save the Keystore / JSON file and private key. We will need them in order to get access to your wallet. It is important to keep them in a safe place.

After we select the method of accessing the Keystore / JSON File wallet, load the JSON File that was previously saved, enter the password, and click "unlock".

Then you get your personal ethereum address to work with:

It is on him you can make an exchange with any EPS. You can also use private key access as a method to access MyEtherWallet. In this case, you only need to enter your private key.

Now we analyze the work with the air through the mobile application TrustWallet ( Go to the official website, choose the method of downloading the application:

The program weighs only 12 mb. Click on "create wallet". Click on the "done".


After that, we will be given 12 words, called "ced" and necessary to restore access to the wallet. On this, our ethereum wallet is created. To get your address, click on the inscription "Ethereum / ETC", then click on the "receive" button. Then you can copy the number of your wallet and exchange esters for it.


How to invest and withdraw charges from HYIPs on smart contracts?

In HYIPs on smart contracts, your deposit will take effect immediately after the funds are sent to the project address. To replenish via MyEtherWallet, go to the "Transfer ether (ether) and tokens" page, insert the project wallet, select the deposit amount, then click on "Additional: add data" and register the wallet of the person who invited you in order to be able to order a refback if the referral program provided. Gas must be set at least 250. Such projects provide for automatic or instant payments. With automatic payments, you do not need to order anything - everything will come by itself. When instantiated, in order to receive your accrual you need to send 000 ethers to the project wallet.

Similarly with the TrustWallet mobile app. We press on the button “send”, we drive in the number, the amount of the deposit, then we press on the gear, we indicate the gas, in the additional data we register the purse of the upline.


Instead of a conclusion

From HYIP to smart contracts expect a lot. This is a new and very interesting direction, which may soon change our understanding of investment projects on the Internet. Their choice must be approached wisely, since there are both good projects and outright slags. When selecting, look at how the cash desk is distributed, whether the smart contract code is open, whether there is an audit, whether the administration will be able to take away the entire cash desk of the project, and also how their offspring is being developed. Well, the process of investing in HYIPs on smart contracts is not complicated. To do this, you just need to create your own ethereum wallet and buy some ether.

That's all. Invest wisely! Sincerely, Your

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