- launch a universal investor panel!

Friends! Finally, we can please you with the launch of the long-awaited investor panels.

You no longer need to run on projects and follow the charges, with us you will not forget to withdraw the payment on time! We will notify about each charge through bot bot or by mail. 

Everyone who has invested in HYIPs at least once in their life faced the need to keep records of their investments. But doing it manually is rather boring and not interesting: you need to enter all the information yourself and perform the necessary calculations. Agree, this takes up time that could be spent with greater benefit. That is why we thought about creating an automated process for maintaining statistics on the investment portfolio. What are the advantages of the panel?

  • The panel will allow you to keep your personal investment records without any problems.. To do this, you only need to select the desired project, tariff plan, enter the date and amount of the deposit. That's all: you do not need to fill in your own marketing project, if it is added to the blog. Everything is simple and clear.
  • The system allows you to keep statistics even on projects that are not on the blog... To do this, you only need to enter a link to the project, its name and data of the tariff plan. Agree, not everywhere you will find such a "bun" :)
  • Well, the cherry on the cake! The investor panel is so caring that it reminds you that it is worth ordering a payment from the project in question! An alert will come to you in the mail and telegrams. Often, investors either by distraction or by employment forget to withdraw from projects, which leads to unpleasant surprises. To avoid this, use our panel of investors.
  • Ability to create "archives" of projects. The investor panel will keep a history of your contributions, so the next time you want to remember the work of any admin, you will easily find your statistics.

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We kindly ask you to leave feedback on the work of the investor panel. Found a mistake? Tell us about it! And also write about your ideas and suggestions. We will gradually implement something new and refine the accounting system.

We have tried for you and we hope that you will really like our idea. Regards, your!

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  1. matrix2000
    04.06.2019 22:59
    A lot of no improvements due to floating interest
    1. richmonkey
      13.06.2019 01:43
      The floating percentage can not be added, just manually write yourself to the table every day
  2. Lavr
    19.03.2019 12:41
    Good day, Rich! There is a lack of columns in the investor panel with indicators of minimum withdrawal of funds for the project. If not difficult, in the next update please add.
    1. richmonkey
      19.03.2019 14:32
      it is in every review
      1. Lavr
        12.04.2019 12:17
        It is not convenient to keep in memory, and if you enter projects through the panel, you can always see it clearly! After all, you do not remember everything!
  3. Lavr
    17.03.2019 18:05
    Good evening Rich! In the investor panel project Forest4 38 days. Plan Four does not charge interest every day - the algorithm is visible, please correct it.
    1. richmonkey
      18.03.2019 09:26
      check well
  4. Lavr
    15.03.2019 21:36
    Good evening Rich! Please add to the investor’s plans for the Forest4 project.
  5. Lavr
    04.03.2019 17:18
    Good day, Rich! Please add the 6% tariff per day to the investor panel (no need to break the project by the hour, and this is understandable, but it will be more convenient for everyone to track the project as a day time).
  6. Lavr
    18.02.2019 09:47
    Good day! Rich, please add MFO Capital to the investor panel along with the plans, otherwise it is impossible to attach a deposit on the project.
    1. richmonkey
      19.02.2019 15:12
      We can add, but it will be wrong to assume that since the first 40 days the percentage is higher, then we add the percentage along with the loan
  7. Xoxol
    18.02.2019 04:36
    I could not add MFO Capital, I have it in the list, but I get an error. Project is not selected.
  8. oktokot
    12.02.2019 15:25
    Fixed, works
  9. oktokot
    08.02.2019 09:19
    Richie in projects two Exo 2277 (Exo-2277) and does not allow to choose a project plan, writes that the project is not selected.

  10. Lavr
    21.01.2019 21:37
    Good evening! Rich, please add Expervest to the investor panel along with the plans, otherwise it is impossible to attach a deposit for the project.
    1. richmonkey
      24.01.2019 20:04
      there are non-standard rates. charges every 84 hours, every 4 hours, every 12 hours, every 5 days

      there is no such thing and there is no point in adding such functionality. such plans are very rare.

      Basic just added
      1. Lavr
        29.01.2019 12:27
        Such projects need to be added to the investor panel, probably, with certain indicators being independently filled in ... you need to think about how best to lay the algorithm ... Rich, a long-term task!