- The company has changed its name.

Dear investors!

We are pleased to inform you that our company has changed its name from Singapore IT Corporation, and now it will operate under a new name - ASIA IT Corporation. The company's strategy is to increase the share of the Asian market and open three new offices in the countries by 2020 Asia We are confident that the rebranding will bring our company greater loyalty and recognition, not only in the Asian region, but throughout the world. Note that the change of name will not be displayed on the work of our company and will not give our investors any inconvenience and restrictions. The company's goal remains the same: a stable and high income of our investors. The company's office will continue its work at the same address: Singapore 039192, One Temasek Avenue, 41st Floor, Millenia Tower, Tel. + 65 6338 9289.

We continue to work on improving the quality of service. If you have any suggestions for improving the quality of our work, you can send them to Your feedback is very important to us! Thank you for choosing ASIA IT Corporation!

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  1. stakerr
    19.10.2018 14:21
    scam or not scam on 19.10.2018?