- Adding new languages: Turkish and Arabic.

Dear customers of Dominant Finance,

We continue to delight you with good news about the development of Dominant Finance, and today we want to inform you one more joyful news about the addition of two new languages ​​to our website.

Congratulations to all our partners and customers from Turkey и Arab countriesYou deserve it. The growth potential of our business in these countries has no boundaries, so the Dominant Finance analytical department decided to focus on these countries ahead of schedule. Thanks to all the active partners from these countries who have attracted our attention.

By the way, we once again want to emphasize that adding at least one new language to the Dominant Finance website is a very complex and lengthy process. See how much information our website contains. Have you seen this anywhere else? We hope you appreciate it.

We sincerely congratulate all the customers of Dominant Finance on this event. Thank you for the contribution you make to our development, for your suggestions and desire not only to earn money, but also to participate in the continuous improvement of the level of customer service of Dominant Finance.

We wish you successful business development in your countries.

Best regards, Technical Department Dominant finance

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  1. Nekxnumxtt
    01.10.2018 11:47
    The project is developing very fast! Excellent result!