- New Advertising Tools!

Hello, dear partners Dominant Finance.

Remembering our promise to provide you with high-quality, technologically advanced and effective advertising tools for working on the Internet, we are pleased to announce the completion of work on a set of animated banners and partner sites implemented in the corporate style. Dominant finance.

First of all, pay attention to two new blocks with the description of these useful tools on the site page "Promotional materials":

How can you effectively use these tools?

  • 1. Log in to your account and click the "Advertising" button (or "Promotional tools") to get into the new section.
  • 2. You will be available 4 exclusive set of banners, made in two formats: GIF and HTML5. All banners are available in 11 languages ​​and 9 most common sizes.
  • 3. Choose any banner you like, copy the banner code and paste it onto any resource on the Internet where you want to advertise your referral link to Dominant Finance. By the way, a unique feature of our banners is that you can select the item in the "Banner Language" menuAutodetect", and then the banner with your referral link will recognize the geographic location of the user and show the banner in the language of the country from whose IP address he is watching your banner.
  • 4. Also now for you in your personal account there are automatically generated Dominant Finance partner sites with your referral link. In the block "Partner sites" just copy the link to the site you like and start distributing it on the Internet. The partner sites have already integrated all your personal data, including the referral link, phone number, first name and surname. All incoming applications from potential customers through the forms on the partner sites will be sent to your e-mail, as well as duplicated in your personal account in the block "Partner sites".
  • 5. And another interesting feature available in the new section "Advertising". At the top of the section you will see detailed statistics of your advertising campaign, namely: how many clicks were completely on your referral link, how many new potential customers registered, how many purchases were made on your link, and most importantly - you will always see the conversion rate of sales to track the effectiveness of your advertising campaign!

So, in order to gain access to our exclusive presentable banners and partner sites, simply log in to your account and go to the "Advertising".

Best regards, Marketing Department DF

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    Very comfortably! Thank!!!