- Interim results from 06.09 to 21.09.2018 of the year.

Rich to be fashionable! Intermediate results of work with 06.09 by 21.09.2018 of the year. Our perspective is where others see only numbers.

We will highlight several positions and advantages of working with COIN TERMINAL INC:

1. Excellently developed marketing with two types of tariff directions and an attractive bonus and affiliate program.

  • The deposit amount is included in the daily yield, according to the line of tariff offers, with a yield of up to 5,55% per day;
  • The deposit amount is paid at the end of the deposit term with a yield of up to 2,6% per day;
  • The three-level affiliate program 1 level - 5%, 2 level - 3%, 3 level - 2%, from each open investment area by your downstream partner. The representational partner reward model implies an increase in referral remuneration from the 1 level of the partner structure and from the total amount of funds attracted to the system, from the whole structure of partners, and can reach up to 10% commission.
  • With the help of our bonus program, you can receive additional income from the entire attracted structure of partners, and it amounts to 250 $ for each investment attracted by 10000 $ or 0,025ВТС from each 1ВТС attracted funds. Bonuses will be automatically credited to your balance and will be available for withdrawal at any time.

2. 2 balance in the system (US dollars and a cryptocurrency account) stimulate our partners to diversify their portfolios in different currencies and make a profit without conversion.

  • receive a referral fee and a bonus from turnover in the structure is possible in the currency in which the contribution was made by your partner or the team as a whole.

10 and 15 daily rates already bring profit to our partners and the total profit is already up to 55%. This is just the beginning. MAXI tariffs are in special demand.

Total information:

  • Working capital of the network is more than 156000 dollars;
  • Paid to our partners already about 55000 dollars;
  • Active leaders and partners have earned more than 8000 dollars referral and bonus.
  • Top 6 positions of our leading refolders are open.

The main tasks for the next working week that are set before the company:

  • 1. Entering the international level.
  • 2. Adding new tariff proposals and increasing the dynamics.
  • 3. Attraction of foreign promoters to the development and support of the company.
  • 4. Development of marketing solutions and advertising campaigns.
  • 5. Systematic update of the company's website.
  • 6. Carrying out of actions and competitions for our partners.

Summing up the work in the period indicated above, it can be argued that you and I are moving in the right direction and keeping the right course. We invite all partners who are interested in the development of our company to cooperate and work. Many thanks to all those partners who have already joined us and help to advertise our site.

Cooperation with Coin Terminal Inc.

A significant opportunity to increase your capital!

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  1. Nekxnumxtt
    22.09.2018 16:21
    If we are moving in the right direction - this is definitely good))