Seasonality in HYIPs

Many types of business depend on seasonality, and HYIPs are no exception. At different times of the year in this market segment, one can observe either active activity or an absolute lull.


It's time for the most resonant and loud projects. This is due to the fact that most people return from vacation and again seek to earn money.

As demand grows, so does supply. In the fall, a wide variety of projects are opened, from one-day projects to truly presentable investment sites. Reviews about HYIPs indicate that finding a promising option for investors at this time of year is not difficult.


In winter, investment in HYIP projects should be done with caution. At this time of the year, a lot of short-term projects appear, thanks to which administrators try to earn as quickly as possible for “gifts under the Christmas tree”.

Investors need to carefully make investments in the first month of winter and not be tempted to quickly get "chic New Year bonuses." There are projects that successfully survive the holidays and winter, but these are isolated options from the segment of low- and medium-interest HYIPs.

In January, there is a period of slight lull, which lasts until spring.


Spring again pleases investors with a huge number of investment projects. At this time of year, there are a lot of mid-interest HYIPs that can pay dividends all year round.

As the summer approaches, most of the projects begin to gradually settle, therefore, in May, investors need to objectively evaluate risks and implement a deliberate investment policy.


Summertime in the HYIP industry, there is a lull. Many people want to travel or just relax. Investments are carried out by units.

The creators of HYIPs understand this perfectly, therefore, they strive not to launch their own projects in the summer, but wait until the autumn. After all, for the successful operation of the investment site, a steady flow of funds is needed, which are sorely lacking at this time of year.

In the summer, piggy banks or other similar platforms work well, which allow depositors to withdraw a deposit every other day.

How not to make a mistake when choosing a hype?

Before making investments in HYIPs, it is necessary to carefully analyze each of them. If you are new to this industry, then it’s quite difficult to do it yourself. You can be guided solely by intuition.

To find HYIP projects that pay, go to hyip monitoring and review the offers by reading the admin comments. Here is the most relevant and accurate information.

HYIPs that pay can be analyzed using fair monitoring on our site. The administrator makes contributions on several resources and independently monitors their work. Based on the results, a rating of TOP projects is formed, in which the best investment sites are presented.

On the site you will find information about each resource. Monitoring HYIP projects determines the most promising ones. You choose what is preferable for you - stability or super-profit.

Hyp monitor helps you find the best new HYIP projects. Absolutely eliminate the risks can not be, but substantially minimize them quite real. Monitoring paying HYIPs will allow the investor to make the right choice.

Remember that before any investment is necessary to carefully analyze everything. The best HYIP monitor will help to avoid rash actions and not become a victim of scams.

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  1. ilya28087
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    Thanks for the article, summer is coming soon, you need to be careful)
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    thanks for the article is very interesting
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  8. Lorik351
    25.03.2019 18:19
    There are always working and worthy projects, regardless of the season!
  9. LegenDa
    25.03.2019 17:40
    Seasonality in HYIP is present, it is a fact, but sometimes there are exceptions. Often they scold the pre-New Year period, and for me it was very profitable.
  10. Nekxnumxtt
    19.09.2018 13:40
    And I like autumn more. Always makes me happy!
    1. richmonkey
      19.09.2018 14:35
      AUTUMN is usually the most HYIP SEASON and until December.

      Closer to the new year, you need to be more cautious with investments, many projects are closing down or they are making fast skams!