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HYIP summer 2018: Results

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From the author:

So one of the most beloved by many people, the time of year has come to an end - summer. Someone managed to visit resorts, someone devoted time to the cottage, and someone even just worked all summer season. How did this season go for the sphere of HYIP investing, what was interesting and did we manage to earn and combine earnings with rest? Let's refresh our memories and summarize.

Analytics and numbers

For June, July and August 2018, according to non-official data, the order of the 1644 HYIP project was launched. Moreover, the further summer went, the more and more Hip projects were launched by administrators every month. June 2018 - 494 HYIP project, July 2018 - 522 HYIP project and August 2018 - 628 project.

Main events

The payment system’s Coinpayments blocking accounts of HYIP administrators of projects leads to massive closures (project scams). Other projects started under the same legend, and in fact, it’s impossible to tell where Coinpayments are lost due to the loss of funds for Coinpayments. use this information as an excuse.

The Advanced Cash payment system stopped working with HYIP projects without special permission to accept investments, or rather blocked the use of the merchant and connecting the HYIP as a store accepting payments in the machine. Now, those who buy this permission are trying to tell users that they are not a financial pyramid, as they officially work with Advanced Cash. In fact, this additional permission does not give any guarantees, but is only an additional significant expense for the administrator of a HYIP project who wants to work with Advanced Cash.

Blocking Telegram messenger, which has become the main means of communication for Internet investors and HYIP players. In fact, Roskomnadzor just wanted to get its share and the history of user correspondence. But the service did not make concessions, at the moment it works through VPN and a proxy server.

TOP Projects

We remind you that the site Rich Monkey pays the return of referral fees, as well as compensation for projects, which reduces the risk of loss to our partners.

We highlight three TOP projects that were on our site in the summer season. All calculations are subject to referral fees.

AK47-Capital. The project worked very brightly and left positive memories of Internet investors and players in HYIP projects. The administrator earned an excellent reputation and was rumored to have managed to use it by running a similar project called Coin Ninja where he simply collected all the contributions for himself and did not allow him to make money. Like it or not, we cannot confirm or disprove, but the obvious similarity of the HYIP engines was, and the number of the Bitcoin wallet in both projects was the same. There is a true refutation that someone (admin Coin Ninja) bought the engine and wallets from the admin (AK47 - Capital), but it is also rumored. The project AK47 - Capital, with marketing from 4%, worked 100 days per day. Our contribution was 1100 $. We got 2830 $. Net profit is 1730 $. The maximum you could earn up to 400% of the deposit amount at the minimum rate.

Tokenizer. From the admin of the project initially expected a good job without surprises, which he showed. This can be seen in the level of our trust in the project in the form of a contribution. When marketing from 5% per day, worked 76 days. Our contribution was 7000 $. Brought 10461 $. Net profit is 3461 $. Excellent job administrator, The maximum you can earn up to 380% of the amount of the deposit at the minimum rate.

DDFutures Trading Limited. One of the best partisans among HYIP projects. Very strong work of the administrator, for such a period of work there was practically no one who did not work in this project. Whether there will be more projects with this administrator, this is a very common question that Internet investors are asking. Of course, we are waiting. The project is a very long time partisan, in the end wound up already 485 working days. Marketing changed, the last was 2,1% per day. Our contribution was 300 $. Brought 4971 $. Net profit is $ 4671 The total percentage of earnings is difficult to calculate in connection with marketing changes, but we were able to make 1657% of the deposit amount.

Total TOP projects brought to us $ 9862

Pimples more or less

Invest aurum. The middle man showed a good job and gave him some money, while there was no information about the project administrator. One gets the impression that they worked clearly on reputation, but for what purpose, in order to give money next time, or vice versa, we don’t know. We will observe. When marketing from 3% per day, 51 worked a day. Our contribution was 300 $. Brought 827 $. Net profit is $ 527 The maximum you could earn up to 153% of the deposit amount at the minimum rate.

Ico london. a beautiful and much promising middle manager did not let down his first depositors and made money. It should be noted that there was no insight on the admin at all. At the start, he took only cryptocurrency, thereby deliberately restraining depositors in the target for a smoother operation. For the purpose of development, the administration connected the bounty program, began to hold contests and even hired a speaker for webinars. All this, of course, was not reflected in the cash register of the project for the better, and was rather superfluous than useful for the project, since soon the project simply closed. When marketing from 7% per day, I worked 55 days (charging only for workers), working days, 40 came out. Our contribution was 4000 $.

Brought 6426 $. Net profit is 2426 $. The maximum you could earn up to 280% of the deposit amount at the minimum rate.

CLOUDPONS LTD a good middle manager, immediately started with an insider that the admin worker will give money, although early projects were not disclosed. At the start there were problems with the database, which is not very pleasant for the Internet investor, but they were quickly eliminated. The project was also affected by the problem with the Advanced Cash payment system, due to the disconnection of the merchant, but the project continued to work and really showed a good result. When marketing from 6% per day, the 63 of the day worked. Our contribution was 1100 $. Brought 1580 $. Net profit is 480 $. The maximum you could earn up to 378% of the deposit amount at the minimum rate.

Total mediators gave money $ 3433

Economic games

DragonEggsOne , Money birds и Paper island All these games are from one administrator, who by the way showed a new way of working. If all admins of HYIPs, launch donors into a closed, to maintain cash, then the admin openly riveted more and more new games and collected contributions from players in a new way, thereby increasing cash. Everyone knew that there was a clean financial pyramid here and that there was no outflow without influx, but they still believed that the admin would be able to launch projects so endlessly, maybe everyone just wants a little miracle. One gets the impression that the admin himself believed in it. But the pyramid is a pyramid, and the farther away are all the greater obligations for deposits, especially when people have come out at a net profit. As a result, the admin finally realized that the game was over and began to write huge explanatory, so as to keep the audience, throw off a couple of projects with debts, and try to balance the cashier. But the Internet investors are nervous people, the first problems and contributions no longer wait. As the admin did not try to lure further, nothing happened to him. The total work was not quite the one that was expected, although DragonEggsOne was fully justified and made money.

Total earned $ 3345 The basis here of course DragonEggsOne

Good fasts

Nitro Forex Limited. Good work from the admin with a reputation, everyone could fix a profit at any time, the admin easily returned the body of the contribution. When marketing from 105% per day, worked 10 days. Our contribution was 200 $. Brought 251 $. Net profit is $ 51

Profimed. Smooth development and limits on deposits, has made a lot of money. When marketing from 103% per day, worked 16 days. Our contribution was 100 $. Brought 254 $. Net profit is $ 154

Cryptoant. A good fast project, in which we did not have time to go out in time, but he gave money, returned the body of the deposit without delay, and many of our partners earned here. When marketing from 104% per day, worked 12 days. Our contribution was 200 $. Brought 128 $. Loss amounted to 72 $.

Total Fasty brought $ 133

Slag summer designs

Next, we recall the projects in which we failed to earn and count our losses. There are errors in the preliminary analysis of the project, but there are administrators who earn a reputation, just to throw everyone away one day.

BrilFund. The project was not fast, it was not possible to earn money in it, the administration was not able to go through even one lap of the minimum investment plan. When marketing from 9%, it worked 6 days a day. Our contribution was 500 $. Brought 269 $.
Our loss amounted to 231 $.

BENSON BIT LIMITED. One of the tough scam of summer from serial admins who could have worked if they wanted to, but apparently the project was a donor for other projects. In general, all went to the reputation of the administrator, and the administrator just raised money and covered the project. But at the same time, there is a rumor that the admin works at the same time several more projects. When marketing from 0,9%, he worked 17 days a day. Our contribution was 1500 $. Bred 1085 $ (without referral bred 382,5 $). Loss is 425 $ (without referral 1117,5 $)

Ico db. The project simply collected money from investors and closed, the word work here is generally not appropriate. It affects a very strong funds injection in the first days (as if the iPhones were handing out freehand for the contribution), in the end, the admin's greed prevailed. When marketing from 5% per day, worked 5 days. In this case, the charges were only on working days. Our contribution was 1400 $. Bred 520 $ (without referral bred 350 $). Loss is 880 $ (without referral 1050 $)

Next will go slag projects that have not passed the circle or gave a minimum profit. We had hopes for these projects, which the administrators did not justify, although all the possibilities were there.

Dexmo found. Administration with experience, but the work is very weak. When marketing from 7% per day, worked 15 days. Our contribution was 3000 $. Brought 2513 $. Loss is 487 $.

Biteroi LTD. Similarly, admin with experience, but working here was not aimed. There is information that the closure of the Coinpayments project contributed to the closure of the project. So it is not possible to check it or not. When marketing from 3% per day, worked 25 days. Our contribution was 2100 $. Bred 2066 $ (without referral bred 1386 $). Loss is 34 $ (without referral 714 $).

Rentalo. Marketing is on the verge of a low-interest, and work is weaker and shorter in duration than that of the middle ones. The administration has constantly promised to resume payments, thereby trying to drag in new deposits from investors. Only the first investors reached breakeven, but only a few were able to return the deposit body. When marketing from 0,6% per day, worked 68 days. Our contribution was 1000 $. Bred 1175 $ (without referral bred 312 $). Loss is (without referral 688 $)

Bankroi. The project simply did not go, the admin gave the first players to go to breakeven and closed. Of course, it is very annoying when such projects cannot show the result. When marketing from 5% per day, 21 worked a day. Our contribution was 1000 $. Bred 1025 $ (without referral bred 750 $). Loss is (without referral 350 $).


Despite the large number of projects for the whole summer period and especially a small percentage of terrain - which is good and which is not, we still managed to increase our capital, which means that the partners, who duplicated our actions, could do it. And as we see, we once again proved that you can earn with us!

Due to the return of referral and compensation, the amount of loss from our partners is less, which means the total income for the summer season is higher.

We recommend that beginners not to delay making decisions, and join the projects as soon as we add it to the site, this gives the maximum chance to earn and you do not lose valuable time. Also do not forget to order the return of partnership rewards and compensation in case of loss of funds in any project provided on our website, provided that you are our partner.

Our income for the summer season: 9862 $ + 3433 $ + 3345 + 133 $ -4637,5 = 12 135,5 $

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  1. I also think that many projects have merged under the pretext of problems with payment systems. The summer has gone awry, what is worth waiting for from the New Year projects. In general, the situation was tense, there were losses, but thanks to your insurances and refbey the situation was smoothed out. Toys are a pity, at first skeptical about them, so I came in late and there was almost no profit, it was my fault). In general, thanks to monitoring: for refback and insurance !!! The article is entertaining! I accumulate invaluable experience with you! THANK YOU !!!
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