- Withdrawals and verification of contracts.

We are glad to welcome all partners of investors of AI Logistics LTD.

During these 2 days, more than 200 contracts have already been sent to us, and we still have more to come, so please be patient. All contracts are processed in turn.

We have already processed more than 50 contracts, however, many of them were filled with errors. Before sending the contract for verification, we kindly ask you to carefully read the instructions for completing the contract: .

Link to download the contract:

Recall that the signed contract must be sent to the email:

We urge you not to send us several identical copies of the contract, because This greatly complicates the process. The contract will need to be sent again only if your verification is rejected.

All partners whose contracts were verified, today have been processed applications for withdrawal of funds. We will be very grateful to these partners, for the fact that they confirm receipt of verification and payments in social. networks and chat Telegrams.

We ask everyone to treat the process of filling and verifying contracts with the utmost attention and seriousness. This procedure will help the company in further development.

We also inform you that your requests for simplification of the contract signing procedure were heard by the company’s administration, the method is already being developed, we recommend that you closely monitor the latest news.

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