The results of the contest activity on the blog from 1-th to 15-August

The results of the contest activity on our blog! We distribute 155$ active commentators!

Recall that any reader of our blog has a chance receive cash prizes for what you are doing every day so - commenting on articles, useful to other readers, answering questions in the comments, share your payments from projects!

All in your hands! And not necessarily to invest your money! The current action is unlimited, we fairly assess the activity of users every period of the month.

More details about the competition:

The winners of the competition of activity from 1-th to 15-August:

  1. place - 4difeer666 547 comments - 25$
  2. place - metasan 522 comments - 20$
  3. place - Alex2601 283 comments - 15$
  4. place - krenko 190 comments - 10$
  5. place - vik450 101 a comment - 5$
  6. place - solarscream 80 comments - 3$
  7. place - epsproject 77 comments - 3$
  8. place - alhom 76 comments - 3$
  9. place - johnjuniorpirson 72 comments - 3$
  10. place - YAndrey 30 comments - 3$

View results here: TOP commentators

Also want distinguish and thank for showing activity in our group VK: solarscream88, artyomkulewov, id151422197id55183324difeerid401499437metasanid87334464 и id491707988id493794171konstantin143. Thanks in the form of a cash prize will be sent to your wallets, the first 8 users will receive 7$following xnumx by 3$. Subscribe and be active on our Youtube channel and social networks in the group VK and chat Telegram. Publish the received bonuses and compensations, your deposits and payouts, leave comments and put likes to video reviews on YouTube channel.

All winners write personal messages on the blog about how to get prizes.

After receiving the prize, please leave a review page competitionVKontakte in this Topic and on the forum MMGP. Thank you in advance :)

Participate and win with an investment blog

We wish you all a successful investment and profit!

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  1. evkonti
    14.01.2019 17:52
    Fully agree with the guys.
    It is necessary to show activity on the site, but do not abuse it as it does ... well, you know who I am talking about. Look who has taken the first place - the spammer and the fludushchik who still posts the same payment in all themes on projects! And it immediately catches the eye!
    This is a gross violation of the rules of the Contest.
  2. solo82
    18.08.2018 14:30
    Fully agree with solarscream !!! - the contest system must be changed !!!
    You can leave 500 comments but useless and win, and you can give 30 useful and judicious and not get anything!
  3. alexey211129
    18.08.2018 09:14
    Received a prize for activity in the VC group! Thank you very much!
  4. Alex2601
    18.08.2018 08:32
    Thanks for the prize: + 7.00 USD
    Date: 17.08.2018 16: 46: 24
    ID: 629119606
    Details: P94635157 → P54619580
    Amount: 7.00 USD
    Comment: Prize for group activity
  5. solarscream
    18.08.2018 00:13
    The competition has turned into a frank shit. Now the one who in the first place simply foul up the blog with his flood. Accounting is carried out by the number of messages, respectively, the one who filled 550 posts, will never give the opportunity to take first place to those who have 100 posts, because he looks at the comments with incredible speed.

    The system needs to be changed.
    1. Alex2601
      18.08.2018 08:39
      Rich has already changed the system: now you can’t respond to your comments and you can’t split up one deposit and post them on a blog, i.e. one deposit in a project - one comment about paying a certain topic on a blog a day, it's better than It was!
    2. 4difeer666
      18.08.2018 13:51
      All those comments have been deleted, all have been on an equal footing since
  6. Alex2601
    17.08.2018 19:54
    Thank you for the prize: + 15.00 USD
    Date: 17.08.2018 17: 02: 58
    ID: 629128382
    Details: P94635157 → P54619580
    Amount: 15.00 USD
    Comment: 3 place in the activity contest on the blog
  7. metasan
    17.08.2018 18:58
    Cash reward received from blog RichMonkey.Biz.
    Thank you!

  8. Yandrey
    17.08.2018 18:39
    Thank you!

    The amount of 3 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U12295780-> U14056824. Memo: 10th place in the activity contest on the blog. Date: 16:29 17.08.18/225019512/XNUMX. Batch: XNUMX.
  9. metasan
    17.08.2018 17:50
    Received cash prize from blog RichMonkey.Biz.
    Thank you!

  10. 4difeer666
    17.08.2018 17:02
    The internal transaction
    Transaction ID:

    7.00 USD
    Prize for activity in the group