Between 08.08.2018 and 14.08.2018, our activity will be reduced.

Good day, dear partners!

Since 08.08.2018 by 14.08.2018 our activity will be reduced. Give the blog can for several hours a day. There may be delays in the payment of bonuses and compensation. Fresh payments, important news will try to lay out in a timely manner! Do not forget that at any time you can apply in person and ask for advice on any issues that may arise, the selection of an investment portfolio.

Now is not the time for active investments, in the summer there are very few projects that are worthwhile. Most people left for planned vacations or rest in country houses and outside the city. Admins are not in a hurry to launch good and new projects into the light, mostly one-day HYIPs are coming. Personally, we do not plan active work in the coming month in the HYIP environment - both admins are with us and we are with them. The same with new investments. We will look closely at this period, projects can be launched for smooth development. Perhaps we take something really worthwhile, but so far we are working with what has survived.

Friends, not a reason to get upset about SCAMs), there are many good projects ahead of us, as well as a lot of insurance and large refbekov. Therefore, we select the snot and move on! WITH 14 August I will be in a working environment.

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We invest together with the team and get the best conditions for cooperation in strong projects!

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  1. metasan
    15.08.2018 23:56
    Adequate number of contributions in inadequate projects. laughing
    Anyway Rich thanks for the compensation.
  2. metasan
    15.08.2018 11:44
    Vaughn, did not have time to return, immediately began to tear insurance and throw refbeki. Beauty!
    1. 4difeer666
      15.08.2018 12:31
      I agree, everything is operational, I did not even have time to come home, as the insurance is already in the purse
      1. metasan
        15.08.2018 12:54
        It is always nice to see alerts about account replenishment.
        1. 4difeer666
          15.08.2018 13:28
          In addition, 100% insurance has come, it is twice as nice))
          1. metasan
            15.08.2018 15:35
            100%? flushed So projects with a small number of deposits and the same amount. Only 16% came to me.
            1. 4difeer666
              15.08.2018 17:16
              Well, forgive me, you have projects where there were total deposits more than 10k USD, what did you want, I’m talking about other projects, where the adequate number of deposits was
  3. metasan
    11.08.2018 20:39
    It will not be possible to have a good rest, the "counting" was brought up.
    1. 4difeer666
      12.08.2018 02:47
      Yeah, where was the top of the deposits
      1. metasan
        12.08.2018 10:41
        Rich is no stranger, and his head is cold; Stand it.
        1. 4difeer666
          12.08.2018 12:34
          After the rest, it will work with x2 speed)))))))
          1. metasan
            12.08.2018 18:32
            3 punches in the chest, the victory cry: "RichManki ze best!", And a head on the labor conveyor. sunglasses
            1. 4difeer666
              12.08.2018 18:42
              Ahahaha, that's exactly what will happen)))
  4. 4difeer666
    10.08.2018 15:12
    Good luck to rest, explode with new forces.
  5. Alex2601
    09.08.2018 17:44
    Enjoy your holiday if I was not mistaken !!!
  6. alhom
    08.08.2018 12:50
    Rest and air your head too!
    Looking forward to return!