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The project stopped payments (scam 11.10.2018). Current fund amount - -

Today, we will consider with you a project that, for the second year already, has pleased hundreds or thousands of investors with its work, fulfills all the commitments made and fills our pockets with crisp bills. And the name, I will not be afraid of this expression, of the Top giant - Keshbury!

About company

The Cashbury Holding unites a group of microloan companies, such as HRYZOLIT, SARDONICS, the same name Keshbury and its parent company, Cashbery Limited from England. And it is on the shoulders of this holding that all the main and coordinating work lies. What is remarkable about this platform and how can it be of interest to investors? Let's see. Cashbury is a full-fledged investment service, where any person can either receive funding for their needs, or provide it to other users of the same service. If we consider the project only from the point of view of a simple investor (that’s what interests us first of all), then you can invest in issuing microloans to individuals, small and medium businesses, and also lend to users of the service on the security of movable and immovable property. The yield from such investments promises to be very interesting and reach hundreds of percent per year. Is this what we are looking for in the world of high-return investments ...

The global goal of the company is to unite all possible investors and borrowers around the world on one platform, for their most effective internal interaction. The goal deserves respect, but the requirements immediately grow to the skies. That is why the company conducts a thorough selection of its borrowers with full personal identification, financial analysis and verification of collateral. The company also assumes full control of the financial regulations - distributes loans and monitors the timing of payments. And of course, the company assumes all risks - reimburses losses on the predicted loans, controls insurance and guarantee funds.

The development of the project is in full swing, with the main movement going on the ground, and not on the network. At the moment, the holding "Keshbury" is represented in such countries as Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, England, Turkey, India, Korea, USA, Mexico. And this list is constantly expanding. Actively open offices of the company to work with borrowers and investors. New articles regularly appear both in print financial publications and on relevant portals. And the number of events held by the company in general beats every conceivable record.

Do not forget the company's management and about the development of online. On the official Cashbury website ( provides comprehensive information on the project itself, and on working with him. There is really a lot of information, so the time for familiarization will not be short, but believe me, it is worth it. And if you go through a simple registration and log into your Keshbury account, you will get all the working tools that will help you gain financial independence in the near future. Therefore, if you were looking for a company for your investments, then this is just the grand one that you can safely trust.

Project interface and technical part

The Cashbury Playground is represented by a multi-page site with an extensive structure. Having thoroughly studied all the information, you will know and understand all the nuances of the work of this project and all the options for making money in it.

  • The start page gives us only a general idea of ​​where we are and shares with us the latest news from the life of the company. It will be much more interesting for us to visit the next sections, for example the section "Investor". It is here that all the instruments of earnings will be presented both at the Keshbury site and its alternative resources (but this is another story). Here we will get acquainted with the scheme of work, with investment rates, and with the help of a special calculator we will be able to calculate the possible profit. By the way, when you first visit the site you will be asked to choose the language - Russian or English.
  • Section "Take a loan"will be relevant already for those who want to receive funding for their needs - here you can read the conditions and if they suit you, then go through the step-by-step procedure for taking the loan itself.
  • Section "Partner"useful for those who plan to build their structure - all types of bonuses for certain achievements will be presented here. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to make additional money on the affiliate program.
  • In "Events"you can see the reports of past meetings and events, or learn about upcoming events and if they are in your city, then you can visit them in order to learn more about this project.
  • Similarly with the section "Webinars"- here you can attend the video meetings with famous leaders without leaving the apartment.
  • We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the block "FAQ", there you will find everything you wanted to ask. And even more opportunities and information you will have after you log into your personal account Cashbury.

There are no questions to the administration regarding the content of the site - there is a lot of content and it is diverse, and it is constantly updated. And all this is packed in a beautiful wrapper. The design of the site is unique and worked out in detail - it is clear that a lot of high-quality work was carried out. Everything is done in the same corporate style and color, the picture looks whole and harmonious - the site is even just nice to be, not to mention the fact that it is nice to make money here.

With the "wrap" we figured out, but what about the stuffing? We hurry to assure you that there is also a complete order. Technically, the site has been prepared perfectly well - and it could not have been otherwise, because the status of a leader requires:

  • Domain from popular registrant, and paid for 10 years, from 19.10.2016 to 19.10.2026.
  • Hosting with protection against attacks taken from a well-known company CloudFlare.
  • SSL from COMODO is taken to 23.12.2018, but it is renewed every year - so it was already at the end of 17 of the year, so it will be at the end of this year.
  • The site itself is located on a dedicated server, which is based in Moscow.
  • The script here, as one would expect, is unique and self-written, because the standard proposals for a project of this magnitude are not entirely interesting.

In general, both visual and technical performance leaves only positive impressions, it is clear that the administration is serious and ready to work, which has already been proven to have a decent work schedule and the whole project created around the project.

Investment offer

So we got to the "delicious", namely, to investment rates, which will help us to become a little (or not a little) richer. And today the project offers for cooperation 5 tariffs, consider them in more detail.

1. Microloans to individuals

  • Work term: 400 days.
  • Minimum amount: 1 000 rubles (or equivalent in other currencies).
  • Maximum amount: 3 000 000 rubles.
  • Yield: 0.8% per day.
  • Net profit: 220%.

The body of the deposit is already included in the payments and fighting off for 125 days (and the rest of the term you get a net profit).

2. Loans to small and medium businesses

  • Work term: 400 days.
  • Minimum amount: 200 000 rubles (or equivalent in other currencies).
  • Maximum amount: 3 000 000 rubles.
  • Yield: 0.9% per day.
  • Net profit: 260%.

The body of the deposit is already included in the payments and fighting off for 112 days (and the rest of the term you get a net profit).

3. Financing secured by movable and immovable property

  • Work term: 400 days.
  • Minimum amount: 50 000 rubles (or equivalent in other currencies).
  • Maximum amount: 3 000 000 rubles.
  • Yield: 1% per day.
  • Net profit: 300%.

The body of the deposit is already included in the payments and fighting off for 100 days (and the rest of the term you get a net profit).

But there is one thing - special conditions apply for this tariff. First, the tariff is available only to managers of level 3 and above. Secondly, you can create an investment at this rate only from the affiliate account and the charges will come to you, too, exclusively to the affiliate account. You can read more about this in your account in the section "Invest".

4. Investing in cryptocurrency

  • Duration: 400 days * (deposit may be closed earlier).
  • Minimum amount: approximately 0.01 BTC or 0.2 ETH.
  • Maximum amount: approximately 1.29 BTC or 23.2 ETH.
  • Yield: floating from 0.5% to 1.5% per day.
  • Net profit: 100%.

The body of the deposit is already included in the payments and bounces back from 67 to 200 days, then your deposit is open until the receipt of 100% was completed, and then closed.

This tariff is designed for investors willing to work only with cryptocurrency. Yes, and a floating percentage, depending on the success of transactions on the stock exchanges, makes its own adjustments to the work, so you should take this into account and be prepared for different turns. Your deposit here can work both for 134 of the day, and for 400 days, but we advise you to focus on something between these figures and make a decision based on this.

5. Investments in algorithmic cryptocurrency trading

  • Duration: 500 days * (deposit may be closed earlier).
  • Minimum amount: approximately 48 $ (or equivalent in other currencies).
  • Maximum amount: approximately 48 000 $.
  • Yield: floating from 0.5% to 1.5% per day.
  • Net profit: 100%.

The body of the deposit is already included in the payments and bounces back from 67 to 200 days, then your deposit works until 100% profit is received, after which it closes. This tariff is allocated the longest possible period of work and the lack of acceptance of deposits in rubles. It also has floating profitability and its percentage depends on the success of the trading robot.

The choice of tariff for investment depends on your personal preferences, the amounts and currencies that you have, your status in the project and the desired income. For investment you will be available to various payment options:

  • Payment systems: Advanced Cash (everyone is already aware of the problems with this payment, so we recommend so far to refrain from working with it), Payeer, Perfect Money, Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Banks: Sberbank, Tinkoff, Alfa Bank.
  • Minimum and maximum investment amount: 1 000 and 3 000 000 Russian rubles, respectively, or the equivalent of the same amount, but in a different currency, presented on the platform.
  • Payment Schedule: Withdrawals are available weekly, on Fridays, including holidays and weekends, and the application itself is processed during 5 days, starting from Saturday.

If you have already decided on the tariff, then consider what bonuses the Keshbury platform can give us.

Partnership and bonuses

The Cashbury platform has a rather interesting and unusual affiliate program, which is different from all that we have seen before. And besides affiliate program, the project boasts also many attractive bonuses for various achievements. Properly using the full potential, you can significantly increase your earnings. Therefore, let's take a closer look at what we can offer here today ...

1. Multi-level referral program

The project has a 5-level referral program, thanks to which you get the opportunity to earn money both personally invited and for the activity of your entire structure. The very same partner bonus is paid on the principle of 50 / 50. Those. The 50% bonus is paid when your partner makes a deposit, and the remaining 50% is charged on each dividend charge to your partner throughout the life of the tariff. To receive a referral fee, you must have an active investment amount of at least 15 000 rubles or its equivalent in another currency. For example, here are the partner reward options at all five levels for the Luxury tariff:

2. Manager bonuses (rewards for working with a partner structure)

This type of bonus is an additional reward for the funds raised to the company. When you climb up the career ladder within the company, you get cash bonuses at each stage for the accumulated amount of attracted investments. The amount of your remuneration depends only on the amount made and is not tied to time, and the amount of remuneration increases with the growth of your structure from 5 000 rubles to 22 000 000 rubles.

3. Director's bonuses (rewards for personal activity)

The most active partners of the platform have the opportunity to become directors. By completing the conditions for closing a certain director status, you will receive a higher percentage of the next month’s referral program, and those partners who have closed more than 3 statuses in a row will receive exclusive access to a private exclusive leadership training club. Here is an example of conditions and bonuses for the first director status:

4. Office program

If you want to become an office manager and earn many times more, the Keshbury site is ready to give you this opportunity. Becoming the head of the office, you get individual counseling and various assistance in building your team. In addition, you will receive awards for both opening and promoting an office in your city. But in order to reach this level, you will have to fulfill a number of conditions that can be found on the corresponding page.

Conclusion and reviews

So we reviewed with you the main points on working with the Cashbury investment platform. As you can see, the project offers several types of earnings - both on a liability, and with the help of complete immersion in it with the subsequent construction of its structure. For one and a half years of work, thousands of investors have already earned quite good amounts and continue to do so to this day. The site itself is done at a professional level and it would not be difficult to sort out its work, there would be a desire and some free time.

And in order to motivate yourself for a more intimate acquaintance with the platform, read the reviews of real people who are already an active partner of Keshbury - they post regular payments and create new deposits, discuss and recommend this project. All the reviews here are new, left just a few days ago, and you can see for yourself by looking for investor reviews of Cashbury on the forums, thematic blog, YouTube channels:

The project stopped payments (scam 11.10.2018). Current fund amount - -

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    1. And there is. Many are chasing personal gain, and there the idea is social and public.
      In Keshberi the road is open to all investors of any scale. Great holding! Rich did the right thing coming here.
  1. If Merck squeezes out anything for payments, then I’ll throw in Keshbury, there is no pressure here, everything is enthusiastic.
  2. I’ve been to Cashbury since November 1 of last year, every day I’m just happy) to the admin rytmanki long ago offered to place this project here because it’s really good, so we’re daring friends) to all profit, Take the Right Decision !!!!
    1. I agree, it works well, but personally I don’t want to, and I’m not able to go here, but I’m not comfortable with entering 20USD ...
            1. Well, I combine both this and that, probably in view of my age, in principle, investment is not such a costly business, you make deposits when it is convenient for you, and that’s all)
      1. Was? Probably confusing something. It is alive, but it does not function as it did before. Will soon move to a new site.
          1. I thought so about Carrency. The rates there were 2%, 2,5% 3,5% ... without expiration. Not bad worked, half a year somewhere. I remember how they closed the site and requested PD to compensate.
            We are about Mercury global speak This thing is much bigger and more serious at times. Only now the situation there is not clear. It malfunctions.
  3. I remember once had to make a choice between Keshbury and Mercury. As a result, the choice fell on the 2-oh option. Everything was perfect until March of 2018, then the madhouse began with innovations. But Keshbury as paid, and pays to this day without disruption, and even develops unrealistic pace. So, if there is an acceptable free amount, then it is worth investing in the "yellow giant."
    1. Generally, I went into this industry when, ruled, Ltd., global, mercury, at that time, there was no money for such investments, but now you can completely think about it
      1. Think about it. Initially, the input was from 100 USD or a crypt from 1 th LTC, ETH. BTC from 0.01, sort of. After that, the minimum salary was raised to 500 USD. Now again lowered to 100, in order to attract investors. How long it will last is unknown.
        1. Well, even 100USD, it is not enough to invest here, and at least a week to make a conclusion, such projects are not for small investors))
          1. Yes, not enough. 7 dollars a week will work with a hundred. But on the 300 days it was before, and on the 500 days now.
    1. I take part there for a year. Mercury was unreal cool before, and now he is mired in obligations, status and promises in relation to the participants. Soon everything should be updated there, but for the time being everything is difficult. Someone is paid, someone is not paid (including me). Bad don't say anything. Everything is as it is. Let's see what will happen next.
        1. It's just not a hyip, ordinary investors are not very welcome there. It is rather a community of a decentralized system of mutual financial assistance. There are their own rules, rules, and almost laws, with which many disagree. From here and failures in work.
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