HYIPs that pay selectively

Any investor knows that HYIP either pays or not. But there is also a third status, about which not everyone knows. Experienced contributors call it a selective.

This is an English word that translates as selective. Such investment projects create the illusion that they fulfill their financial obligations, but not everyone makes payments.

At the first signs of selectivity, experienced investors are trying to withdraw money from the investment project, since this is a clear signal of a speedy scam.

Purpose selective

At first glance, it seems that administrators are not profitable to complicate their own work, making payments selectively. After all, the procedure takes a huge amount of time. But this is a proven way to try to extend the operation of the project by eliminating a certain number of investors and receiving new cash flows from others. All payments occur in manual mode under the close attention of the administrator.

Who pay HYIPs?

Similar projects pay selectively to several categories:

  • Monitoring HYIP makes payments only to the administration of monitoring sites. On their resource, the investment project shows the status of “pays”, but in fact it has slipped. The gullible newbie thinks that the fund is fulfilling its obligations and investing money in a knowingly unprofitable service. Such monitoring does not value their own reputation and are created solely for the purpose of profit.
  • To public people. The resource is paid to famous referees, bloggers and other public people whose wallets are known to the admin project. It creates the appearance of excellent functioning of the investment site, but financial obligations to ordinary investors are not met. Reviews of HYIP selections from the industry's regulars indicate that a couple of days before full closure, the administrator is able to significantly increase the financial portfolio.
  • Small investors. Large investors do not receive payments, but financial obligations to small participants are carried out clearly. Usually, only a few large participants join each such investment platform. The administrator stops paying them or deletes their accounts from the project. Single negative reviews of large investors are lost against the background of a huge number of positive ones, which allows the fund to continue functioning.

What to do when a selective is detected?

If you find signs of selectivity, do not remain indifferent. The faster to expose it, the more potential investors can be saved from knowingly losing investments. Leave the corresponding comment on the thematic resource. Today you will help, and tomorrow you will help.

How to find honest HYIPs that pay?

Investing in HYIP projects is a rather risky business, but if investors trust trusted monitoring, the likelihood of making a profit increases significantly.

HYIP projects that pay are presented on our website in the ranking created with the help of monitoring. We value our reputation and the money of potential investors, so we publish the most reliable and relevant information.

After all, now the Internet is replete with a variety of fraudulent resources that are created solely for the purpose of quick profit.

Honest monitoring will help to identify unclean sites, which will form the rating of TOP HYIP projects.

Website staff make contributions and independently monitor the work of the funds. We monitor projects and identify the most honest and promising of them. Then, monitoring displays the best new HYIP projects that have proven to be reliable sites for investment in the first lines of the reting. Monitoring paying HYIPs eliminates all fraudulent resources, leaving promising.

Before investing in questionable service, carefully analyze and check it. It depends on it, whether you lose money in the future or increase your financial portfolio. Our site has the best HYIP monitoringthat will make the right choice.

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    27.02.2021 12:16
    I suspected there are a hundred such projects, the rule "measure seven times, cut once" is best suited here. It is better to spend half an hour or an hour analyzing the project, reviews on various monitors and forums than losing your deposit in a second by making a contribution to a deliberately unreliable project.
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    29.12.2020 12:20
    Thank you for the article. I believe that you need to be able to choose projects that do not ban large deposits. These are usually mid-range and low-income projects. I also had such that due to a large deposit they blocked my account))
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    30.07.2018 14:08
    Yes, I noticed such a thing in projects, sometimes I got it myself, in such cases a breakdown of a large amount for withdrawal into smaller ones can help.
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