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  1. Slad3121
    11.10.2018 00:42
    Yes, here to the grandmother, as they say, do not go with a crystal ball, I heard that people are gathering for people who want to get justice, and are turning to lawyers and thinking about formalizing a class action, how do you think there are chances? because there are a lot of pyramids, and you can bring people to justice, Pestyuk and Prochukhana are of course needed first of all, because they are the organizers, with this many are in solidarity, and then all these people who read the texts from the screen on the “morning coffee” and their broadcasts.
    They have completely lost shame, if the fraudsters try so hard, the organizers play that these drops are as if they are working with fools.
  2. exSavera
    08.10.2018 18:33
    That's all in principle. Now, in order to withdraw your money, you need to wait for certain "HAPPY DAYS", such as, for example, took place on Sunday. People are already having huge payout problems. They come up with constant contests, trying to divert attention.
    Many HYIP monitors already have the "Scam" or "Do not pay" status.
    So do not lose your money in this lokhovozke.
  3. FinanceManager
    28.09.2018 14:46
    Very doubtful project.
    Yes, and especially mining in our time ...
    The site is clumsy, I say right away, lagging, even with deposits ..
    There are no guarantees with such huge percentages, so be careful ..
  4. exSavera
    26.09.2018 18:33
    I do not recommend dealing with this pyramid!

    You will lose all the money you have invested.

    Look at these packages with incredible percentages, I am more than sure that you will not be able to secure a reliable conclusion!

    And it really looks like Alpha Cash, Crypto Pride, Digithereum! Remember what happened to them? I'm sure it will be the same here.

    They even have one-on-one sites ... These people are being wanted by the federal government for a huge number of people being thrown!

    Not a foot here in any way, or lose everything.
  5. Andre123125123123
    21.09.2018 06:31
    then full bullshit, again this Prochukhan and his projects that promise the current, I was just a fool for this, I had my head washed so that I was ready to give all my money, which I did,
    but I didn’t get any profit, although millions promised me, these people are professionals in only one thing that can take you there without problems
    giving assurances that everything will be fine, I’m a trick to the people, but I advise you to just run away from here and not even try to communicate with them
  6. Lolberry
    20.09.2018 16:14
    It's crap, crap. Take the money out of here before it's too late. Shame on the site owner to advertise this?
  7. Slad3121
    20.09.2018 01:27
    As usual, smart faces, and fully branded wallpapers, or rather, the studio that is being filmed, guys, Sanya is not tired of you yet, more precisely not so, is not ashamed at all, you would at least change anything after questra and agama , even the site is on the same engine, with the same PR systems. I officially declare ALEKSANDR PROCHUHAN AND CHESLAV PESTYUK; Ukrainian cheater, Alexander Prochuhana and his company !!
  8. vovan1238611
    20.09.2018 01:12
    By accessing such sites, I immediately present the impudent faces of Pestyuk and Prochukhan, who still go to take all my money, the people are utter fraud, I do not advise you to get involved with such people and sites, it will never smell like profit, only deprivation and m
  9. vovkastich197
    19.09.2018 23:05
    Totally ludicrous, this is a fraud everywhere, you invest your money and in return for anything you just ignore stupidly, I do not advise you to contact such sites and investments
  10. Lolberry
    19.09.2018 11:47
    And it looks like alpha cache and digitum. Scammers
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