Ico-London.com - Added new PM and PE payment systems.

Many online merchants do not have alternative payment methods. The increasing number of investors looking for different payment options for online investments means that it is more important to solve this problem. Since verification can make or break the client user interface, it is important to integrate the best and most popular payment options.

Having several payment options is not only desirable for our supporters, but can also be an important factor in the development of our campaign.

Currently, more and more payment alternatives are being introduced and the increasing demand for these options, some of which are alternatives to credit cards. Many users like the ability to use different payment methods, so this often leads to higher conversions and sales.

Many people are prone to this or that, and you can take into account their needs.

Having multiple payment gateways provides more convenience for our supporters. Offering various options for processing online payments, we simplify the lives of your investors.

Many payment gateways provide customers with the opportunity to make purchases using their smartphones, which further increases flexibility.

So, our team decided to add such payment systems as Perfect Money and Payeer.

People like options and control in every situation. By offering only one payment method, we cannot maximize our sales and revenues, thereby increasing the retention of the basket and reducing the likelihood of investing.

Thank you for your trust. Your team ICO London

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  1. 4difeer666
    11.08.2018 14:22
    For such a project, these fiat bills are the best addition, I will soon grow stronger in the crypt