Splitt.co - Now accepts Perfect Money and Advanced Cash.

Wanted to join Splittbut you only have Perfect Money и Advanced Cash?

Then do not worry anymore, since Splitt.co Now you can use Changer.com conversion tool for exchange processing for smooth acquisition BTC in preparing its potential upcoming growth.

Notethat since Changer.com is a third-party partner, Splitt.co not responsible for any of their services.

Clear the cache or press CTRL + F5 in your browser to view new payment methods.

However, withdrawals can only be made through BTC and more 60 available coins.

Stay with us, as a team Splitt continues its mission to attract more people and make financial independence not only a dream, but also a reality for everyone!

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  1. alhom
    05.08.2018 10:17
    The more payment services, the more opportunities appear to potential investors. Someone is comfortable one e-wallet, someone else.
    1. 4difeer666
      10.08.2018 22:04
      I think almost everyone is more comfortable with fiat bills, and the fact that they are added only to the project person.