Weekly report on HYIP projects for 1310.23 – 19.11.23

Weekly report on HYIP projects for 1310.23 – 19.11.23

The past week, to put it mildly, did not boast a large number of events, but that did not stop us from preparing a weekly report in a convenient format for our readers.

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TOP by deposits

taxi-money.info Medium Yield
Start Date 22.05.2014
Bonus +5% of deposit
Team Turnover $121,031

Last week, there were no updates on the economic game, but uninterrupted work continues.

quopi.ai Medium Yield
Start Date 08.02.2023
Bonus +5% of deposit
Insurance $1,000
Team Turnover $23,217

The hype with the legend of the trading bot continues to demonstrate excellent results.

citytrademarket.com High Yield
Start Date 20.10.2023
Bonus +5% of deposit
Insurance $300
Team Turnover $16,511

Month on the blog! The medium-yield project is showing excellent results. With the "Silver" tariff, it was possible to return your deposit, taking into account the bonus from us, and now the first investors are getting a net profit. With the current one-day tariff, which is from $100, it was already possible to earn up to +320% net profit taking into account the bonus from us!

giogamer.com Medium Yield
Start Date 17.04.2023
Bonus +5% of deposit
Insurance $1,000
Team Turnover $10,275

This medium-yield project continues to generate profit.

gpibs.com Medium Yield
Start Date 08.11.2022
Bonus +10% of deposit
Insurance $1,000
Team Turnover $7,094

Another successful week of operation for this quality medium-yield project has concluded.

safeassets.com Low Yield
Start Date 31.03.2022
Bonus +3% of deposit
Insurance $500
Team Turnover $3,971

The low-yield investment project completes another week of operation.

Scams of the week

  • HashBlastScam Date

    Since November 6, the project has encountered issues. Some players had their significant deposits blocked, and a wave of negativity started on other thematic resources. What the administration was hoping for remains unclear.

Week's compensations

Video review

You can watch a video report on the events of the past week in a convenient format on our Youtube channel.

Income Table for the Week

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that income calculation is carried out from the perspective of a regular investor without taking into account partner earnings.

# Project Daily
1 Taxi money 1.1% 7.7% 235,000₽ 2,585₽ 18,095₽
2 Quopi ~1.5% ~7.5% 500$ 7.5$ 37.5$
3 City Trade Market 5% 35% 200$ 10$ 70$
4 Giogamer 2.48% 17.36% 1,000$ 24.8$ 173.6$
5 Gpibs 1.4% 9.8% 500$ 7$ 49$
6 Safe Assets 0.27% 1.89% 200$ 0.54$ 3.78$
7 Bitcobid 2% 1,000$ 20$
8 Planetary Asset 0.6% 3% 200$ 1.2$ 6$
Total Invested: $6,647 Daily Earnings: $84.56 (+1.27%) Weekly Earnings: $594.50 (+8.94%)

Weekly highlights

Last week, the number of projects featured on the blog decreased to 8. A rather unfortunate situation, of course.

We would like to remind you that we are actively seeking additional ways to earn. Share your ideas in the comments under this news:

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  1. 4difeer666 26 November 2023 11:13

    Спасибо за отчет!

  2. Managerruslan 23 November 2023 01:38

    Похудела таблица, Рич, ждем ТОП проекты)

  3. sattor92 21 November 2023 17:56

    спасибо за отчет! City Trade Market очень приятно удивил)) ну а два паровоза gpibs и giogamer везут 👍