License AdvCash for HYIP. What's next?

Welcome, dear partners! Just yesterday, the HYIP industry was alarmed by the news of a change in the policy of the payment system AdvCash in relation to HYIP projects.

Investment Project Monitoring will try to clarify the situation and answer for investors questions such as “What will happen next with HYIPs?”, “What payment system can be used for replacement AdvCash?" etc.

Briefly about the situation

At the moment, the information has run (information is not 100% confirmed, but it makes sense to warn) at the hearing level that the payment system AdvCash ceases to work with HYIP projects due to a change in policy with respect to investment projects. Information came from the administration of many projects.

Payment system AdvCash From now on, it will require from companies that provide trust management services a certain license that permits the management of investors' assets. Otherwise - the receipt of payments will not be connected, as the approving method of payment.

How events will develop further is unknown to us.

What is happening with HYIP now?

The administration of HYIP projects is agitated no less than investors and they can be understood. AdvCashAt the moment, it is one of the most popular electronic payment systems in the HYIP industry and a fairly large number of deposits is made through it.

As we have noticed, some HYIP projects temporarily turned off the receipt / withdrawal of funds through the payment system AdvCash, some collect the necessary documentation for the resumption of work with this payment system. For example, DDFutures collects all the documentation for the resumption of work.

And the project WorkingOutSoft and did not affect this innovation of the payment system, but for those who are worried about the safety of their investments through the payment system AdvCash project administration proposes to transfer funds to another payment system. For this you need to write in those. project support WorkingOutSoft.

Old HYIPs are still working smoothly.

Is there a way out of the situation?

Of course, the most banal that can come to mind is that investors simply need to transfer their funds to other payment systems and refrain from new deposits using the payment system AdvCash.

On our blog there are useful articles about payment systems that can easily replace AdvCash and that were used in the HYIP industry long before connecting AdvCash:

Previously, the HYIP industry even encountered scams of payment systems. As you can see, everything works for a single year.

As has been said, AdvCash Young payment system in the HYIP industry. HYIPs worked before her. Therefore, there is no strong reason for panic. Moreover, the funds that are in the wallets of investors should not suffer.

This kind of prohibitions concerned the QIWI payment system and the bypass was found fairly quickly. It is possible that the bypass will be found by the HYIP administration for the payment system. AdvCash.


At the end of our article, we decided to prepare a short list of recommendations for our partners:

  • At the moment, refrain from new investments through the payment system AdvCash;
  • Use for investment other payment systems. For example, Payeer, Perfect Money or Bitcoin;
  • Do not panic and warn your friends, colleagues and partners. Perhaps you can help someone;


I hope that we have in an accessible language have presented information about the situation with the payment system AdvCash. There were also dismantled some exits from the situations. It’s too early to panic, because the information is not tested on 100%.

Warned = armed.

Follow our recommendations and your money will remain safe. ;)

Oh yeah, the most important question is “What will happen to the HYIPs?”. Our answer - everything will be the same. The only thing that is possible is that there simply will not be a payment system AdvCash in the HYIP industry, and maybe there will be. Who knows?

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  1. AlexanderKudrya8027
    15.03.2021 06:10
    Thanks for the article, now the pen was not enough for the PM to disappear
  2. LegenDa
    05.02.2019 10:19
    Gone adva and okay, other great EPS are available
  3. evkonti
    16.01.2019 03:39
    Where is she going to this Advancedcash!
    He will try and start accepting payments from HYIPs again! She grazes on them only. Everything is empty blah blah blah.
    And we are fine, and with other EPS-kami works, alternatives are higher than the roof!
  4. IvanUstinow
    06.01.2019 19:04
    There are a lot of alternative EPSs, as for me - the Payeer is very convenient, I use mostly them.
    I resort to others only if the project does not accept Payeer.
    If the commissions were smaller, there would have been a better EPS.
  5. udimka
    03.12.2018 14:51
    How much I loved this payment before, now I use the Perfect Money. As for me, this EPS made a shot in the leg with this decision.
    1. LegenDa
      05.02.2019 10:20
      Yes, it is so, lost such a huge piece of profit from the hypers. Well, that's her decision.
  6. Lkam
    22.09.2018 01:07
    Payeer is very cool, but the commissions are very big ...
    PS ddfuters like a month as a scam?
  7. Nekxnumxtt
    18.09.2018 15:34
    Payeer is not bad, but a big commission scares.
    1. Alex2601
      19.09.2018 15:19
      And I always used PAYER, I think he is the most reliable and convenient, to each his own!
  8. metasan
    02.08.2018 12:53
    ADVA is simple, very comfortable and the design is pleasing to the eye, and even without commissions, chic. Comrades from ADVkesh know better, but I think that they made the decision not in their favor. Well, we will use more "gluttonous", but no less high-quality EPS. It would be great if the issue was resolved and everything returned to normal.

    Thanks for the article.
  9. 4difeer666
    02.08.2018 01:29
    Let's hope that there will be a way out of this situation, but in any case there are so many worthy alternatives to this EPS
  10. solarscream
    01.08.2018 13:19
    Now I actively use Payeer - easy, convenient, fast.