Hashblast.co - Token Airdrops, Buying, Selling, Staking Trine (TRN).

Hashblast.co - Token Airdrops, Buying, Selling, Staking Trine (TRN).
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Token Airdrops, Buying, Selling, and Staking Trine (TRN).

We checked the withdrawal of bonus tokens Trine (TRN) on the Arbitrum One network, which are given through an Airdrop for specific actions (registration, referrals, and deposits). The minimum withdrawal is 10,000 TRN, and we used our Metamask wallet.

In your personal account, next to the token balance, there is a button to go to the PancakeSwap exchange, where you can sell and buy these tokens. Click on this link, authorize through your Metamask wallet, and you will automatically switch to the Arbitrum One network. On the exchange, use Metamask to add TRN and USDT tokens to your wallet. Metamask wallet primarily uses ETH cryptocurrency, and the address is the same for all coins. There are different networks: Ethereum, BNB Chain, and others. In our case, you need the Arbitrum One network. Don't get confused. To perform any actions, such as buying/selling/staking any coins, you need to pay a transaction fee, which is approximately $0.03-$0.1 in ETH today. To do this, you need to transfer ETH cryptocurrency to your Metamask wallet on the Arbitrum One network.

We checked which exchanges offer ETH on the Arbitrum One network, such as Bybit.com and Binance.com. Let's say we buy ETH for 10 USDT and then transfer it to our Metamask wallet through the Arbitrum One network (the transfer fee on exchanges is 0.0001 ETH, which is about $0.16). You can immediately withdraw the bonus tokens to your wallet if the minimum withdrawal is 10,000 TRN, or you can exchange them for USDT on the PancakeSwap exchange, or stake them for a certain period in the project's "Staking" section at a 5% daily rate. You can withdraw the principal amount and interest at any time and then exchange it for USDT on the exchange.

We have already received about 350,000 TRN coins in the HashBlast project. We tested the exchange of 100,000 coins for USDT (which is $5 at today's rate), and everything works. We staked the remaining coins.

It seems we have explained in great detail. Perhaps it will be interesting to someone. This is for general information. If you don't plan to buy additional TRN tokens for staking or if you have few bonus tokens, it's not worth the hassle, as there will be transaction fees, and the same minimum 10,000 TRN is currently only $0.5.

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  • Minimum Deposit: 0.01$
  • Minimum Withdrawal: 10$
  • Profitability: from 1% per day
  • Referral Program: 10% - 5% - 3% - 2%
  • Start date: 18.10.2023
  • Работал: 25 days
  • Added to blog: 18.10.2023
  • Мониторили: 25 days
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