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  • Minimum Deposit: 0.01$
  • Minimum Withdrawal: 10$
  • Profitability: from 1% per day
  • Referral Program: 10% - 5% - 3% - 2%
  • Start date: 18.10.2023
  • Работал: 25 days
  • Added to blog: 18.10.2023
  • Мониторили: 25 days
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Payment systems
Manual - Regulation within 48 hours. Payment type
The Project That Halted Payments (A Scam 13.11.2023). Insurance fund amount — 500$. Order compensation.
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  • Important Information Before Ordering a Bonus

Our blog is gradually being enriched with new additions from the high-yield investment industry. This time, we have a medium-income investment project named HashBlast, featuring an indefinite marketing plan with a progressively increasing return percentage.

We invite you to delve into a more detailed acquaintance with the project through our text review.

The project is prepared at a commendable level in many aspects, and the website is filled with extensive content.

The investment project HashBlast was launched on October 18, 2023. New advertising resources are joining the project daily, and we were among the first to be connected. This is precisely why we have a great opportunity to earn. Joining the project earlier means earning more!

The company HashBlast is involved in cryptocurrency mining.

We have added a fresh mining project with an internal token Trine (TRN) to our blog, available for staking and trading on the PancakeSwap platform. According to social networks, its official start was a month ago, but it only entered the high-yield market today. It is well-made not only in terms of technical preparation but also in the development of the activity's backstory, content, and documentation. Investing is available with a wide selection of cryptocurrencies + a fiat alternative = stablecoin Tether. Join earlier — earn more, but don't forget about the risks and remember the basic rules of investing. Wishing you successful and profitable investments!

ATTENTION! Starting from November 6, "PROBLEMS" began in the project. Some players had large deposits blocked, and there was a wave of negativity on other thematic resources. Our structure is still receiving payments. Take note! Deposits created after this date are not covered by the insurance fund!

Investment plans

The investment offer is presented in the form of purchasing capacities for mining various cryptocurrencies. Currently, there are 22 coins available (1 GH/s = 0.01 USD).

The profitability ranges from 1% to 3% per day, depending on the amount of your deposit, as well as the volatility of the particular cryptocurrency. If you plan to withdraw in USDT, for example, if you have mined 1 LTC, which is currently about $60, that's the amount you'll receive in USDT upon exchange. However, the rate can either fall or rise. It depends on how often you withdraw profits. You can choose less volatile coins.

To start mining cryptocurrencies, you need to fund your account on the website in the "Deposit" section. Then go to the "Mining" section and select the mining currency using the "+" button at 100%, which we want to mine and withdraw (you can fund your account with any cryptocurrency regardless of which one you choose for mining, and you can exchange and withdraw profits from any coin to USDT BEP20/TRC20, as there is no stablecoin mining). At any time, you can transfer your mining power to any other cryptocurrency.

ATTENTION! Starting from November 6, the project began to experience "PROBLEMS". Some players had large deposits blocked, and a wave of negativity spread on other thematic resources. Our structure is still receiving payments. Take note! Deposits created after this date are not covered by the insurance fund!

Minimum deposit amount: $0.01.

Minimum withdrawal amount: $10 or the equivalent in the mined currency, 10,000 TRN, 0.01 BTC, 0.1 ETH.

Type of payments: manual (processing of requests up to 48 hours).

Withdrawal fees: the project does not charge a fee, you only pay the network fee through which you withdraw. For USDT TRC20, the payment came without a fee.

Tariff NameProfit PercentageInterest AccrualInvestment TermDeposit AmountDeposit ReturnTotal ProfitabilityNet Profit

0 level

1% per dayevery second6 monthsfrom $0.01included in accruals180%80% + 10% our bonus = 90%

1 level

1.4% per dayevery second6 monthsfrom $225included in accruals252%152% + 10% our bonus = 162%

2 level

1.8% per dayevery second6 monthsfrom $750included in accruals324%224% + 10% our bonus = 234%

3 level

2.2% per dayevery second6 monthsfrom $1500included in accruals396%296% + 10% our bonus = 306%

4 level

2.6% per dayevery second6 monthsfrom $3800included in accruals468%368% + 10% our bonus = 378%

5 level

3% per dayevery second6 monthsfrom $7500included in accruals540%440% + 10% our bonus = 450%

We would like to remind you that for the hashblast.co project, our blog has established an indefinite insurance fund of $500. Thanks to this, investments in the project will be even safer.

Don't forget to request a referral bonus for the project, which is $10% of your deposit. To request a deposit bonus, go to the page: request a referral bonus and fill out the form.

Video review HashBlast

The first 10 people who share their deposit in the comments of the video and provide their username on our blog will receive a $1 bonus! Only our partners are eligible to participate!

Affiliate Program

The partnership program in the HashBlast project is four-tiered. There is no option to upgrade the partnership program.

Standard partnership program:

  • Reward: 10% – 5% – 3% – 2% of your partners' deposits;
  • Requirements: You need to register on the website.

Project Instruction

We have prepared a detailed guide on how to work with this investment project, including registration of your account, step-by-step instructions on making a deposit, and withdrawing funds.

  • Registration
  • Making a Deposit
  • Withdrawal of Funds


HashBlast is a promising medium-yield investment project with perpetual marketing. The project is professionally designed on a multifunctional script.

We are offered earnings from 1% to 1.8% daily income on an ongoing basis according to the current tariffs. Depending on the invested amount, your daily percentage of profitability increases.

The website's appearance is of a high standard. The investment project's website is filled with extensive content. A wide range of cryptocurrencies + stablecoin Tether is available for investment.

Getting in early leads to earning more, while remembering the risks and adhering to the fundamental investment rules. Wishing you successful and profitable investments!

Risk Reminder

Investing always involves risks. It's very important to always remember and understand this. The above-mentioned company is no exception, so it's worth reminding you of the main investment rules:

  • Never invest in High-Yield After Plans where the deposit and interest are paid at the end of the term. You won't receive payouts under such plans (e.g., 6500% in 100 days).
  • Diversify your funds. In other words, don't invest the entire amount in one project.
  • The higher the return rate, the higher the risks. Don't forget to withdraw funds from the project immediately after earnings.
  • Before investing, check the project's status.
  • Do not invest borrowed funds.
  • Be prepared to lose money and invest with disposable income.

Project News

We recommend for your consideration!



Our Profit Schedule
Our deposit


530$ / 212%
Deposits from Our Investors

23 pc.


4 452$

Average deposit



1 570$

Investments in the Project

Comments (163)

  1. 4difeer666 16 November 2023 19:13

    Спасибо за страховку:

    Детали депозита


    Время2023-11-15 17:03:34
    Вид сетиTRC20

  2. sherif 16 November 2023 10:04

    Компенсация получена! Спасибо!

    Your deposit of 32.32 USDT is now available in your Binance account.

  3. akimskate 15 November 2023 17:15

    Спасибо за страховку по Hash Blast

  4. kinya 15 November 2023 16:35

    Страховка пришла 

    Дата операции: 15 Ноя 2023 16:03

    ID операции: 1979179142

    Тип операции: перевод

    Статус: выполнен

    Сумма: 7.96 USD

    Комментарий: Compensation by RichMonkey.biz for HashBlast

    От: P1021078116

  5. Managerruslan 15 November 2023 00:55

    А это случаем не админ Stellox и Hypermood? Каждый раз вижу эти похожие проекты, вообще не хочется заходить, и каждый раз небольшой минус.

    Но все равно, не пропущу ни одного проекта на блоге) На одну помойку два отличных проекта и один ТОП

    1. richmonkey_support 15 November 2023 12:22

      Managerruslan, не он. Mizes и Logus прошлые вроде как

      1. Managerruslan 19 November 2023 23:03

        Понял. Очень жду новые крутые проекты на блоге, Рич, а деда вообще заждался)

  6. 4difeer666 13 November 2023 19:17

    Даже сказать нечего, думал что хоть немного даст еще отбить после такого негатива, но вышло все как вышло, идем дальше..

  7. 4difeer666 13 November 2023 19:15

    Спасибо за приз:

    Детали депозита


    Время2023-11-13 10:59:01
    Вид сетиTRC20
    Аккаунт депозитаСпотовый

  8. Artur987 13 November 2023 18:20

    спасибо за рефбек

  9. kinya 13 November 2023 11:03


    Дата операции: 10 Ноя 2023 15:47

    ID операции: 1976794198

    Тип операции: перевод

    Статус: выполнен

    Сумма: 4.16 USD

    Комментарий: Refback by RichMonkey.biz for HashBlast

    От: P1021078116

  10. richmonkey 13 November 2023 09:57

    ‼️ Не вкладывать!

    🔸 Выплаты полностью прекратились. С 6 ноября в проекте начались проблемы. Некоторым игрокам заблокировали крупные депозиты и пошла волна негатива на других тематических ресурсах. На что рассчитывала администрация непонятно. Есть страховой фонд в размере 500$ для тех у кого остались потери.  

    ⚠️ Можно подавать заявки на компенсацию!

    1. akimskate 13 November 2023 12:44

      Админ хотел под Робин Гуда заделатся с блоком крупняков?))

      А в целом ни о чем работа, сбылил просто, иначе не сказать, мог бы сгладить негатив подкинув на струх)

      1. 4difeer666 13 November 2023 19:16

        Думал, кстати что так и будет, блокнет людей и накинет на страховки, но видимо решил сделать себе хороший отпуск на нг

  11. Managerruslan 13 November 2023 02:50

    Надеюсь, восстановится, много вложили. У меня на данную секунду минус 65$

    1. akimskate 13 November 2023 05:49

      та не, тут габелла уже

  12. richmonkey 12 November 2023 14:18

    ВНИМАНИЕ! С 6 ноября в проекте начались "ПРОБЛЕМЫ". Некоторым игрокам заблокировали крупные депозиты и пошла волна негатива на других тематических ресурсах. Нашей структуре пока выплаты идут. Принять к сведению! Депозиты созданные после этой даты под страховой фонд не попадают!


  13. 4difeer666 10 November 2023 19:38


    Детали депозита


    Время2023-11-10 10:39:17
    Вид сетиBSC (BEP20)

  14. baKira 10 November 2023 19:13

    Hashblast pays! Thanks! 

    2023-11-10 18:42:06

    +10.11 usdt trc20


  15. drobnitsa1960 10 November 2023 17:41

    Проект платит! получена очередная быстрая выплата:

    Дата операции: 10 Ноя 2023 16:41

    ID операции: 1976817939

    Тип операции: ввод

    Платежная система: USDT TRC-20

    Статус: выполнен

    Сумма: 21.5 USDT

  16. richmonkey 10 November 2023 16:10

    🤑 Получили выплату +10$

  17. kinya 10 November 2023 15:36

    592 ДОЖА


    2023-11-09 23:41

  18. alsofter 10 November 2023 10:11

    Выплата пришла 14.44 USDT

  19. gachaboroda 10 November 2023 10:10

    Transaction Hash:


    33363897582 Block Confirmations

    29 mins ago (Nov-10-2023 06:39:18 AM +UTC)

    Transaction Action:


  20. Managerruslan 9 November 2023 23:46

    Есть выплата 10.8$, проект платит

  21. CryptoDice 9 November 2023 22:30

    Payment received 

  22. masters 9 November 2023 21:44

    Скам здесь, выплаты выборочные, очень много блокировок аккаунтов,

    просто некоторым блогерам и их структурам пока выплаты идут,

    однако это не отменяет факта СКАМа ...

  23. mikprof 9 November 2023 21:38


    2023-11-09 20:55

  24. sattor92 9 November 2023 21:34

    выплата пришла, проект платит

  25. sherif 9 November 2023 21:29

    Получил выплату!

     Your deposit of 10.81 USDT is now available in your Binance account.

  26. drobnitsa1960 9 November 2023 17:35

    Цитата: richmonkey
    чето на рипл подумал

    Richi, Ripple - это XRP. A есть еще одна похожая - XLM. Это Stellar. 

    1. richmonkey 9 November 2023 22:50

      Да это я знаю, просто не внимательно посмотрел, показалось что рипл) 

  27. richmonkey 9 November 2023 14:59

    ВНИМАНИЕ! С 6 ноября в проекте начались "ПРОБЛЕМЫ". Некоторым игрокам заблокировали крупные депозиты и пошла волна негатива на других тематических ресурсах. Нашей структуре пока выплаты идут. Принять к сведению! Депозиты созданные после этой даты под страховой фонд не попадают! 

    1. sattor92 9 November 2023 18:12

      я где-то час назад заказал выплату usdt, посмотрим когда придет если придет

  28. MurloKot 9 November 2023 12:35

    Пошли массовые блокировки аккаунтов (мой / коллег, которые возмущались) и даже тех, кто "добросовестно постил всё это время"

    1. masters 10 November 2023 00:01

      А это здесь никому не интересно, главное что платит кучке инвесторов,

      а то что заблокировано тьма аккаунтов, это так-чепуха...

      да и статус здесь будет соответствующий еще очень долго,

      хоть бы монитором себя уже не называли....

      видимость работы((

      1. 4difeer666 10 November 2023 14:43

        Так блог и несет ответственность за свою аудиторию, его рефераллам никому ничего не забанили, новых депов никто не создает, какой выбор у людей которые уже депнули, мы сидим и просто выводим по максимуму пока есть такая возможность

  29. gachaboroda 9 November 2023 10:03

    Transaction Hash:


    33335199468 Block Confirmations

    23 mins ago (Nov-09-2023 06:34:16 AM +UTC)

    Transaction Action:

  30. richmonkey 9 November 2023 08:56

    🤑 Получили выплату +10$



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