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  • Minimum Deposit: 10$
  • Minimum Withdrawal: 3$
  • Profitability: From 0.8% per day
  • Referral Program: from 5%
  • Starting Date: 29.08.2023
  • Работает:
  • Featured on the Blog: 20.09.2023
  • Мониторим:
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Payment systems
Instant - Instant payouts after order placement Payment type

How to Claim Your Refback

Claiming your refback is a breeze. You can request it for the project in the amount of 5% from your initial investment. To kickstart the process, simply click the "Order Refback" link and fill out the required form.

Is Refback Available for Balance Deposits?

No, you need to withdraw the deposit to a payment system, create a new investment, and request a refback on the blog.

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  • Important Information Before Ordering a Bonus

Let's continue building our investment portfolio for the autumn season! This time, we've added a medium-yield investment project called Trinity AI, which has already proven itself to be financially sound.

We invite you to delve into the project in more detail through our textual review.

The website preparation is done in a minimalist style, and overall, it can be said that it's standard.

The investment project Trinity AI started on August 29, 2023. We featured this project in our regular column "Outside the Blog" as of 03.09.23. The project is progressing gradually, which is well-managed by the administration.

We've added a medium-yield project with steady growth and instant payments without commissions to our blog. It's prepared in a standard manner, and the project's website is designed in a minimalist style and is user-friendly. Investment is available through a small number of popular payment instruments. We always adhere to diversification rules, enter projects with a clear head and reasonable amounts, and don't forget about the risks. Wishing you successful and profitable investments! We've created a Telegram chat, join us, and share your deposits and payments!

Marketing project

Marketing offers two investment plans to choose from: a trial plan for 5 days and a main plan for 30 days.

The investment period is calendar days, but interest is accrued only on business days.

If you create a deposit on the "TRIAL" plan on Friday, there will be no accruals on Saturday and Sunday. Accruals will be received on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 0.8%, and the deposit will be closed thereafter.

For the "TRINITY" plan, the yield is floating, ranging from 1.25% to 4%. According to the administration, the net profit for 30 days should average around 40% (10% per week).

There is also an option to request an early withdrawal of the deposit, BUT:

  1. you need to contact customer support;
  2. a -15% commission will be deducted;
  3. after the request is approved, the refund will take approximately 5–7 business days.

Minimum deposit amount: $10.

Minimum withdrawal amount: $3.

Payout type: instant.

Tariff NamePercentage of ProfitInterest AccrualInvestment PeriodDeposit AmountDeposit ReturnTotal YieldNet Profit


0.8% per daybusiness days5 daysfrom $10at the end of the term104%4% + 5% our bonus = 9%


from 1.25% to 4% per daybusiness days30 daysfrom $30at the end of the termfrom 127.5% to 188%from 27.5% to 88% + 5% our bonus

We would like to remind you that for the project, our blog has established an indefinite insurance fund of $500. Thanks to this, investments in the project will be even safer.

Don't forget to request a referral bonus for the project, which is $5% of your deposit. To request a deposit bonus, go to the page: request a referral bonus and fill out the form.

Video review. Trinity AI

The first 10 people who share their deposit in the comments of the video and provide their username on our blog will receive a $1 bonus! Only our partners are eligible to participate!

Affiliate Program

Affiliate program in the Trinity AI project is single-tiered. There is an opportunity to enhance the affiliate program based on the number of partners.

Standard affiliate program:

  • Reward: 5% of your partners' deposits;
  • Conditions: You need to register on the website.

Project Instruction

We have prepared a detailed guide on how to work with this investment project, in which we have outlined: account registration, a step-by-step guide to making a deposit, as well as withdrawing funds.

  • Registration
  • Creating a Deposit
  • Withdrawal of Funds


For the observed investment project Trinity AI, there is a very real chance to demonstrate good results, but remember that it's all in the hands of the admin.

You are offered two tariff plans, one for 5 calendar days with a daily profit of 0.8%, and the other for 30 days with earnings ranging from 1.25% to 4% per day. The investment term is in calendar days, but the earnings are on business days. Make sure to take this into account.

It is prepared in a standard and minimalist style. For investing, a small range of cryptocurrencies + stablecoin Tether is available.

We always adhere to diversification rules, enter the project with a cool head and adequate amounts, not forgetting about the risks. Wishing you successful and profitable investments!

Risk Reminder

Investing always involves risks. It's very important to always remember and understand this. The above-mentioned company is no exception, so it's worth reminding you of the main investment rules:

  • Never invest in High-Yield After Plans where the deposit and interest are paid at the end of the term. You won't receive payouts under such plans (e.g., 6500% in 100 days).
  • Diversify your funds. In other words, don't invest the entire amount in one project.
  • The higher the return rate, the higher the risks. Don't forget to withdraw funds from the project immediately after earnings.
  • Before investing, check the project's status.
  • Do not invest borrowed funds.
  • Be prepared to lose money and invest with disposable income.

We recommend for your consideration!



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Комментарии (66)

  1. richmonkey Yesterday, 11:33

    Получили выплату +30$

  2. ValeriiaTitova Yesterday, 10:19

    мой депозит 100$

  3. RendaCerta Yesterday, 00:19

    My first deposit $150:

  4. 4difeer666 Yesterday, 00:02



    BSC (BEP20)



    2023-09-30 22:59:35Детали

    Адрес : 0xec02bfd42faa2bb7e25a7936e13058ed7f015246
    Txid : 0x573d4503f8ad14c1b2c16c311a09f181e969a9d77d5818705e9e30be4dc0b7ff

  5. Managerruslan 30 September 2023 22:02

    Первая выплата 3$ с Trinity

  6. Wael77 30 September 2023 21:47

    RCB received!

    Thanks Admin!!

  7. Managerruslan 30 September 2023 21:31

    Поиграем, вклад 50$

  8. Wael77 30 September 2023 14:31

    I'll try with a first deposit!

    Deposited 15 bucks.

  9. drobnitsa1960 29 September 2023 23:50

    Свежая моментальная выплата из проекта:

    Дата операции: 29 Сен 2023 22:57

    ID операции: 1957096349

    Тип операции: ввод

    Платежная система: TRC-20

    Статус: выполнен

    Сумма: 53.208102 TRX

  10. sattor92 29 September 2023 20:44

    пришла выплата

    Withdrawal $ 3.00 Sep-29-2023 05:43:16 

    PM Withdraw to account 0x25fcd398e4eb8b4e2ea6862d905934093fd8b0a2

    Batch is 0x046b7b75ea3ac2387ab3f08b80c558775311ad23e0ab4405f4336e875e17d767

  11. richmonkey 29 September 2023 20:39

    Есть ли рефбек при вкладе с баланса?

    Нет. Вам необходимо вывести депозит на платёжную систему, создать вклад повторно и заказать рефбек на блоге.

  12. UdayAS8 29 September 2023 16:30

    Received payment from the project Trinity +102$ 


  13. richmonkey 29 September 2023 13:16

    Получили выплату +5$

  14. sherif 29 September 2023 11:42

    Your deposit of 3.55 USDT is now available in your Binance account.

  15. Marat1990 29 September 2023 08:25

    Получил выплату!

  16. sattor92 28 September 2023 19:54

    получил выплату инстант

    Withdrawal $ 3.50 Sep-28-2023 04:53:06 PM 

    Withdraw to account 0x25fcd398e4eb8b4e2ea6862d905934093fd8b0a2

    Batch is 0x9d8afbe6700dbb45a3c401b0ba999ac98b41f1e24d715ffa367f8bb256663908

  17. alsofter 27 September 2023 19:06

    Получил выплату USDT 6.84

  18. richmonkey 27 September 2023 15:08

    Получили выплату +10$

  19. sherif 27 September 2023 14:57

    Your deposit of 4.38 USDT is now available in your Binance account.

  20. Marat1990 27 September 2023 06:28

    Получил выплату!

  21. sattor92 26 September 2023 20:44

    пришла выплата инстант 

    Withdrawal $ 3.00 Sep-26-2023 05:03:02 

    PM Withdraw to account 0x25fcd398e4eb8b4e2ea6862d905934093fd8b0a2

    Batch is 0x7cd6a8c7e144058830e0c0687c66b1a6d183b2308f01c06ae00fd45b0c85279d

  22. 4difeer666 26 September 2023 18:47

    Спасибо за рефку:





    2023-09-25 22:59:29Детали

    Адрес : TRDXE3AkpvvReVc9qLzm2fLvN7qeKAqsYJ
    Txid : c6273ed03a7376c2fcfd6bfddc3235d7ec5785623da74b81032f9b6845657227

  23. richmonkey 26 September 2023 13:23


    Мы рады представить наше новейшее предложение: план Trinity AI Pro.

    Используя этот план, вы получите тот же процент прибыли, что и план Trinity, но с дополнительной выгодой. В выходные дни вы можете заработать дополнительный ежедневный бонус в размере от 0,5% до 1,5%.

    Срок действия этого плана составляет 40 календарных дней и требует минимальных инвестиций в размере 500$.

    В ответ на отзывы нашего растущего сообщества инвесторов мы расширили число принимаемых валют, включив в них XRP.

    Мы ценим ваш вклад и внедрили это изменение, чтобы лучше удовлетворять ваши инвестиционные потребности.

  24. Rancasar 26 September 2023 13:12

    Первая выплата с проекта!

  25. 4difeer666 25 September 2023 20:44

    Новый деп:


    BSC (BEP20)

    500.3Отправлено2023-09-25 21:43:47ОтменитьДетали

    Адрес : 0x4081e32c3e6a1987dfc583392039280880e49e7d
    Txid : 0xdd720ceeb206bd7adf2ab97e241d51e8fe917a533282ccdb2e54699349a05875

  26. HyipMoney 25 September 2023 20:07

    ✅ PAYING Trinity

    Transactions details: 101.37 USDT

    Transfer account: TW3WXRdrzU61oVdu8uQyxzGVfYefGqkCmt

    Receiving account: TSYqAwe4rcAN9gUjqZXhXTKp1jWwPPAHfL

    Transaction id: a6ca6ed23079477c1a123621a2f1d524eb973570da144424e2ba46bb12b0a794

    Transaction time: 2023-09-25 17:09:21

  27. sattor92 25 September 2023 19:45

    получил вторую выплату +3$

    Withdrawal $ 3.00 Sep-25-2023 04:39:47 PM 

    Withdraw to account 0x25fcd398e4eb8b4e2ea6862d905934093fd8b0a2

    Batch is 0xa9ba5ac6538763b1f19eb82bb53a348d965f3a836e7c1489c85b13b01ab87e8c

  28. 4difeer666 25 September 2023 15:06



    BSC (BEP20)



    2023-09-25 16:05:51Детали

    Адрес : 0xec02bfd42faa2bb7e25a7936e13058ed7f015246
    Txid : 0x50c41d50108023ef46440961a480358365af8ec34e73abfc2df8be7b2166e5f1

  29. UdayAS8 24 September 2023 22:46

    Thanks for the refback for the Trinityai Richie :) +5$ 


  30. richmonkey 24 September 2023 22:42

    Получили выплату +20$



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