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How many live HYIPs?

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All investment projects are different from each other. Their life expectancy depends on many factors, so it’s hard to predict how long a certain fund will work. But there are some averaged parameters that should be paid special attention.

HYIP Marketing Policy

The cornerstone of the long-term functioning of HYIP is the marketing policy. This is one of the most important indicators that are worth paying attention to. It depends on the success and popularity of the investment resource.

The administrator spends a huge amount of time to balance the project as accurately as possible. After all, it is necessary not only to attract potential investors with a profitable interest rate, but also to make sure that the investment portfolio does not subside and the fund does not soskamil ahead of time. An experienced administrator will find the perfect balance between the needs of investors and their own capabilities.

A smart investor, in turn, is obliged to pay special attention to marketing policy. After all, not only the popularity of the investment site, but also its lifespan depends on it.

Duration of functioning of different categories of HYIPs

Before making investments in HYIP projects, you need to understand that they all fall into three categories:

  • High-grade (Fasti). Such projects can bring a huge profit to the investor. During the day they can double or triple the contribution. Unfortunately, the duration of their work is usually calculated in days, and sometimes - in hours. The average fast life is 1-3 weeks.
  • Sredneprotsentnye. Such investment sites bring from 15% to 60% monthly. The average duration of operation is from three to six months.
  • Low-interest. These are long-lived projects that are designed for the gradual replenishment of the financial portfolio. They are able to fulfill their obligations for years. But do not think that everything is so cloudless. Some impure administrators disguise as low-interest projects of HYIP-SCAMS, which make the first payment (sometimes they do not pay) and close.

The life expectancy of an investment site directly depends on its creator. If you believe reviews about HYIPs, then there were fasts that worked for half a year, but this is rather an exception to the rule.

How to find reliable HYIPs that pay?

Now on the Internet there are many sites that offer a variety of conditions for investment.

To find HYIP projects that pay, go to the monitoring page on our website. Here you can not only read reviews from reputable investors, chat with them directly in the chat, but also read the administrator’s comments.

Honest monitoring will help choose from the total mass of the most attractive investment sites. Also, the site has a rating of TOP HYIP projects trusted by investors.

Thanks to the accumulated experience, the administrator is able to determine the potential of the resource. He independently monitors projects with high returns and provides users with the most relevant and truthful information.

The top of the ranking is occupied by promising resources, which are currently at the peak of popularity. Hyip monitor displays the best new HYIP projects from proven administrators in the first positions of the rating. The user has the right to choose the most promising projects.

Monitoring paying HYIPs will help you make the right choice and save you from scam administrators. Regular visits to our site will allow the user to have the most accurate and accurate information.

To minimize financial risks and always stay in profit will help the best hyip monitoring, which is presented on our website.

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