5 years of blog activity contest: $12 paid out!

5 years of blog activity contest: $12 paid out!

We are happy to announce that after our website updates we have another news regarding our blog - after the launch activity contest 5 years have passed and more than 12 000 $!

Message from RichMonkey.biz

This is the fifth year in a row that we have paid money for your activity on the blog. We think that many people like the competition, especially when you win prizes.

Let's just say for those who for some reason are not aware of the competition, you can follow this link and read the information:

Oddly enough, the contest will continue its work and we recommend that you actively participate in it in the future.

Taking this opportunity, we will boast a little general statistics of our blog on 02.05.23.

We want to express our gratitude to all those who participate in our activity contest and simply leave comments on our blog. You make your blog more popular!

Participate in the life of our blog, popularize it, earn money and gain new knowledge in the HYIP industry and beyond.

Write in the comments what you think about our activity contest.

Invest successfully and profitably with RichMonkey.biz! Happy and profitable investment!

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