The results of the activity contest on the blog from 1-th to 15-March

The results of the activity contest on the blog from 1-th to 15-March

The results of the contest activity on our blog! We distribute 101$ active commentators!

Recall that any reader of our blog has a chance receive cash prizes for what you are doing every day so - commenting on articles, useful to other readers, answering questions in the comments, share your payments from projects!

All in your hands! The current promotion is perpetual, we fairly evaluate user activity every period of the month.

More details about the competition:

Activity Contest Winners March 1st to 15th

  1. place - 4difeer666 154 comments - $25
  2. place - akimskate 108 comments - $20
  3. place - UdayAS8 107 comments - $15
  4. place - Managerruslan 99 comments - $10
  5. place — drobnitsa1960 92 comments - 6$
  6. place - HyipMoney 35 comments - 5$
  7. place - mas777 28 comments - 5$
  8. place - Rancasar 28 comments - 5$
  9. place - Mihhha 26 comments - 5$
  10. place - Wael77 16 comments - 5$

Subscribe and be active on our Youtube channel and social networks in the group VK and chat Telegram. Publish the received bonuses and compensations, your deposits and payouts, leave comments and put likes to video reviews on YouTube channel.

All winners write personal messages on the blog about how to get prizes.

After receiving the prize, please leave a review page competition, on the aggregator and on the forum mmgpVKontakte in this Topic. Thank you in advance :)

Participate and win with an investment blog

We wish you all a successful investment and profit!

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Комментарии (12)

  1. Managerruslan 20 March 2023 21: 39

    Best, Rich. $10 received

    A complaint
  2. Wael77 19 March 2023 02: 22

    Bonus received!

    Thanks Admin!!

    A complaint
  3. Wael77 19 March 2023 02: 21

    Thanks for the contest and congratulations to all the winners!

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  4. mas777 18 March 2023 01: 06

    Thank you for the prize!

    5 USDT received

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  5. 4difeer666 17 March 2023 08: 58

    Thank you for the prize:





    2023-03-16 21:44:16Детали

    Address : TRDXE3AkpvvReVc9qLzm2fLvN7qeKAqsYJ
    Txid : 292e89a3080a335b52e4cd7bd2af40115c0e2843e88f3a5fbeeb9aa3f55774c7

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  6. Anzhel 17 March 2023 07: 16

    Thanks for the activity contest!

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  7. Akimskate 16 March 2023 23: 58

    Thanks for the contest, congratulations to the winners!

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  8. UdayAS8 16 March 2023 21: 35

    Thanks for the bonus Richie

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  9. UdayAS8 16 March 2023 21: 34

    Thanks for the contest Richie :) 

    Congratulations to all winners 

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  10. 4difeer666 16 March 2023 21: 27

    Thanks for the results! Congratulations to all!

    A complaint
  11. richmonkey 16 March 2023 20: 16

    We remind you!

    NOT you need to sit down for half an hour and scribble 50 comments, several meaningless messages in a row for several minutes will be punished by a temporary ban. First of all, we need reports on projects: on contributions, payments, bonuses and compensation from the blog, at least 50-70%. But also NOT you need to post on the same project every few hours, if there are frequent accruals, at the end of the day, publish all payments in one post! And of course, communication, but not stupidly commenting on all the news, as well as questions and answers, helping other users. Received a payment - if possible unsubscribed, made a contribution - unsubscribed and the like. In at least half of the projects you must be our referrals, for which you unsubscribe about payments on the blog. Update dated 04.08.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX, NOT you need to post payments (deposits, bonuses) in response to comments from other users, only with a new post, if you have two payments in a row, publish in one comment, the "ANSWER" button is needed so that if someone asked a question and you answered it! Hope for understanding!

    A complaint
    1. Wael77 19 March 2023 02: 25

      Only the fair talk coming out from you.

      Thanks admin

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