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  • Min. contribution: $39
  • Min. conclusion: $15
  • Yield: from 4% per day
  • Ref. program: 5% - 3% - 2%
  • Start date: 31.12.2022
  • Have worked: 125 days
  • Added to blog: 16.03.2023
  • Monitor: 50 days
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Payment systems
Manual - Time limit up to 24 hours type of payment
The project stopped payments (scam 05.05.2023). Fund amount - 1000 $. Order compensation.
  • Important information before ordering a bonus

We added an atypical investment project to the blog called Clicklancers. HYIP is a platform that collects traffic that pays for viewing ads, instead of standard investment plans.

We have prepared a detailed text review of the project, which we recommend you read!

The site of the project is prepared at a good level both externally and technically. Implemented as a micro-tasking platform that allows you to earn money by viewing ads, instead of standard investment plans.

Investment project Clicklancers kicked off December 31 2022. The project appeared in the HYIP industry March 15 2023. The administration is slowly but surely gaining advertising, so we are among the first to enter. We enter the project earlier - we earn more!

Microtask Platform Clicklancers pays for viewing ads and completing tasks.

We added an unusual investment project to the blog, which is a platform for collecting traffic with pay-per-view ads. Judging by the social networks, the official start was at the beginning of this year, but today it is in the shadows and, by and large, has not yet entered the active phase, at least it has not yet been noticed on the hype market. The profitability for the annual period of the account is quite high, so at first it is better to test with small amounts in order to understand the whole principle of work and check solvency. Investments are available both in dollars through fiat payment systems Payeer и Perfect MoneyAnd in Crypto-currency (USDT, BTC, ETH, LTC and others). You can withdraw to any of the proposed payment systems, regardless of which one you made the deposit with (this is Payeer, Perfect Money or Tether USDT TRC20). We always adhere to the rules of diversification, enter the project with a cool head and adequate amounts, and do not forget about the risks. Successful and profitable investment!

PS At first glance, the project will seem complicated, but in fact everything is simple: we go through registration and replenish the balance, after that we pay for the annual purchase of an account and watch commercials daily, which does not take much time. And in order not to get confused with the calculations and displaying the balance, it is better to choose the currency USD ($) in your personal account, and not, for example, rubles.

Telegram chat created join and share your deposits and payouts!

Project marketing

The investment offer is presented in the form of buying an account with an annual subscription.

For example, consider the purchase CASHCLICKS 1 worth $39. Every day we get 4 paid views for 40 cents, the total profit per day will be $1.6 (~ 4% per day of the deposit amount), which is quite a highly profitable income, since the deposit works for 360 days, so it is better to test the project with small amounts for the first month.

Required change currency to USD ($), if EUR (€) is selected, you will have to pay more for the subscription.

As such, there is no passive income here, but it does not take much time to watch commercials daily and all this can be done quickly.

Depending on the selected tariff, the amount of remuneration per view, as well as the number of daily views, changes.

It is possible to upgrade your account. To do this, you need to pay the difference (you can also order additionally refbek by the amount of the difference).

Minimum deposit amount: 39 $.

Minimum withdrawal: 15 $.

payment type: manual (the application processing time is up to 24 hours, but in practice, payments are received on the day of the order). IMPORTANT! From May 2, 2023, the withdrawal rules have changed. You can order payments 2 times a week (Monday and Friday from 00:00 to 13:00 server time). Representatives can order daily.

Withdrawal fees: Payeer, Perfect Money – 1.99%, Tether USDT TRC20 – 2.6$

Tariff nameEarnings per dayPaid ViewsTerm of depositDeposit amountReturn of depositMonthly earningsEarnings per year


1.6 $ per day4 per day360 days$39included in charges$48$576 + 5% deposit bonus


4 $ per day10 per day360 days$95included in charges$120$1440 + 5% deposit bonus


8.8 $ per day22 per day360 days$220included in charges$264$3168 + 5% deposit bonus


18 $ per day30 per day360 days$450included in charges$540$6480 + 5% deposit bonus


24 $ per day40 per day360 days$600included in charges$720$8640 + 5% deposit bonus


35.2 $ per day44 per day360 days$850included in charges$1056$12672 + 5% deposit bonus


46.4 $ per day58 per day360 days$1200included in charges$1392$16704 + 5% deposit bonus


74.4 $ per day93 per day360 days$1800included in charges$2232$26784 + 5% deposit bonus


150 $ per day60 per day360 days$3900included in charges$4500$54000 + 5% deposit bonus

We remind you that the project from our blog allocated perpetual insurance fund in the amount of $1000. Thanks to which investments in the project will be even safer.

Do not forget to order a refback for the project in the amount of 5% from your contribution. To order a bonus from a deposit, go to the page: order refbek and fill out the form.

Video review of Clicklancers

The first 10 people who share their deposit in the comments to the video and indicate their login on our blog will receive bonus 1 $! Only our partners can participate!


Partner program in the project Clicklancers three-level. There is no opportunity to improve the affiliate program.

Standard Affiliate Program:

  • Reward: 5% - 3% - 2% of your partners' purchases;
  • Reward: 10% - 3% - 2% of rewards for viewing ads by your partners;
  • Conditions: You need to have an activated tariff.

Instruction manual

We prepared detailed instructions for working with this investment project, in which we displayed: account registration, a step-by-step guide on creating a deposit, as well as withdrawing funds.

  • Register
  • Making a deposit
  • Withdrawal of funds

Write Your Review

Clicklancers is a hype, which is presented in the form of a platform that provides paid advertising. You will receive money for viewing ads.

We are offered to earn on the purchase of tariff packages, which make it possible to view paid advertising. Depending on the chosen tariff, the number of available views per day, as well as the reward for views, changes.

In general, the site is prepared at a good level in all aspects. Available for investment: payment systems Payeer, Perfect Money и stablecoin Tether [TRC-20] and [ERC-20].

We always adhere to the rules of diversification, we enter the project with a cool head and adequate amounts, not forgetting about the risks. Happy and profitable investment!

Risk reminder

Investing always comes with risks. It is very important to always remember and understand this. The above company is no exception, so it would not be out of place to remind you of the main rules of investing:

  • Never invest in After-plans with high returns, where the payment of the deposit and interest is at the end of the term. You will not receive payment for such plans (example 6500% after 100 days)
  • Diversify your cash. Simply put, do not invest the entire amount in one project.
  • The higher the percentage of return, the greater the risk. Do not forget to withdraw funds from the project immediately after accruals.
  • Before investing, check the status of the project.
  • Do not invest borrowed money.
  • Get ready to lose money and participate in free money.

News of the project

Recommended for review!



Our profit schedule
Our contribution


$ 4690/261%
Contributions of our investors

63 piece.

Invested by

13 058 $

Average contribution



2 125 $

Project investments

Комментарии (402)

  1. ustfin 9 May 2023 22: 31

    Thank you for the insurance 

    A complaint
  2. Reticent 9 May 2023 22: 12

    Thanks for the insurance

    Received Payment 23.29 USD from account U21717020 to account U********. Batch: 519675819. Memo: Payment API. Compensation by for Clicklancers.

    A complaint
  3. UdayAS8 9 May 2023 15: 08

    thanks for the insurance Richie +28.2$ 


    A complaint
  4. ilya28087 9 May 2023 15: 01

    Thanks for the insurance

    A complaint
  5. andreyvahr 9 May 2023 14: 00

    Thank you for the refund. Your deposit of 75.35 USDT is now available in your Binance account. 

    A complaint
  6. 4difeer666 9 May 2023 13: 50

    Thank you for clicklaners insurance:





    2023-05-09 14:26:32Детали

    Address : TRDXE3AkpvvReVc9qLzm2fLvN7qeKAqsYJ

    Txid : b838d5d9de1db0e1575d4577afd66fadd2211ae2c328936c2c0cbeebfd63908f

    A complaint
  7. moniy 5 May 2023 17: 41

    Sorry scam.

    A complaint
  8. ustfin 5 May 2023 16: 37

    It's a pity. The project was interesting, high hopes were pinned on it. In fact, even before the change in payment conditions, the introduction of a new tariff foreshadowed today's event. But, in my case, greed and lack of experience played against me ((

    A complaint
    1. UdayAS8 8 May 2023 13: 08

      I've adviced you my friend to read the articles carefully, Richmonkey has everything explained there. you were oninvesting recklessly and greedly like what you have stated, I advice you to lower the amount of your deposit until you know exactly how hyips work and so not to suffer big losses like these

      A complaint
      1. ustfin 8 May 2023 21: 16

        Thank you for your advice. I will do so

        A complaint
        1. UdayAS8 8 May 2023 23: 42

          no worries, and welcome to our blog :)

          A complaint
  9. richmonkey 5 May 2023 16: 10

    Do not invest!

    It is a pity to lose such interesting projects, but the profitability was high, and the risks were appropriate. Since Monday, problems with payments have already begun, as part of the blog, I worked for 45 days with a yield of 4% per day. Congratulations to those who managed to get into profit or at least break even, we sympathize with those who lost! There is an insurance fund $1000 for those who have losses.  

    You can apply for compensation!

    It is also possible to additionally participate in the program "Stop Skam»From the project SuperKopilka.

    A complaint
    1. UdayAS8 8 May 2023 13: 09

      I really believd that the admin wants to work until the last minute, turna out he got scared by howmuch withdrawas request there were. another loss sadly

      A complaint
  10. ilya28087 5 May 2023 15: 54

    And this one there, in principle, after the news about payments twice a week, it was expected, but it doesn’t get much easier (

    A complaint
  11. filin26 5 May 2023 15: 53

    And there were so many hopes for him!

    A complaint
  12. mikprof 5 May 2023 14: 15

    Site not opening... 

    A complaint
    1. vvvwas 5 May 2023 14: 44

      because everyone scam lick the spoon lie on the table

      A complaint
  13. 4difeer666 5 May 2023 13: 23

    The dark streak continues...

    A complaint
  14. richmonkey 5 May 2023 10: 03

    Please make a withdrawal from 00:00 to 13:00.

    Please note that payment processing will begin at 13:00 server time after the withdrawal window has closed and all withdrawal requests have been requested.

    With Heart From,

    Team Clicklancers

    A complaint
  15. richmonkey 4 May 2023 14: 28

    Received payment + 140 $

    A complaint
  16. richmonkey 4 May 2023 10: 20

    Please note that server time (GMT + 3) is the same as in Moscow time!

    A complaint
  17. vvvwas 4 May 2023 08: 58

    Server Time : 04-05-2023 08:55:12 same 

    A complaint
  18. Alex01011961 3 May 2023 23: 37

    Taking into account northern time, the withdrawal of funds next Friday from 00:00 to 13:00 is from 20:00 on Thursday to 9:00 on Friday Moscow time, is that so?

    A complaint
    1. 4difeer666 4 May 2023 00: 37

      It will not be a mistake to go to 00 Moscow time to make views and order a payment immediately of the total balance, so you probably won’t lose in any case

      A complaint
  19. 4difeer666 3 May 2023 20: 20

    Thank you for the prize:05.03.23/18/56 1.00:1.00AccountReceive+21717020Received Payment 18183296 USD from account U518869631 to account UXNUMX. Batch: XNUMX. Memo: Payment API. Prize for a review on Youtube channel 

    A complaint
  20. richmonkey 3 May 2023 13: 42

    IMPORTANT! From May 2, 2023, the withdrawal rules have changed. You can order payments 2 times a week (Monday and Friday from 00:00 to 13:00 server time). Representatives can order daily.

    Py Sy. Those who planned to upgrade their account, it is better to watch at least Friday and Monday, how payments will go to all users.

    A complaint
  21. richmonkey 3 May 2023 13: 28

    Received payment + 190 $

    A complaint
  22. richmonkey 2 May 2023 23: 21

    Hello Clicklancers users,

    We have listened to your feedback and are pleased to announce an update to our withdrawal policy. Starting today, we will process withdrawals on two days of the week: Mondays and Fridays.

    Withdrawals will be available from 00:00 to 13:00 server time on both days. This means that you can now withdraw your earnings twice a week, which makes it more convenient and flexible for you.

    We understand that some of you might prefer daily withdrawals, but we believe this change will meet the needs of most of our users. We always listen to your feedback and strive to improve our platform and services.

    If you have any questions or doubts, please feel free to contact our customer service. We are here to help and support you in any way we can.

    Thank you for being part of the Clicklancers community!

    Yours faithfully,
    Team Clicklancers

    A complaint
  23. richmonkey 2 May 2023 23: 17

    Received payment + 270 $

    A complaint
  24. UdayAS8 2 May 2023 17: 42

    positive news from Telegram chat

    A complaint
    1. Managerruslan 5 May 2023 13: 23

      Bro, what are you in the plus for Clicklancers and Hypermood?

      A complaint
      1. UdayAS8 8 May 2023 09: 50

        sadly bro, I'm in the minus in click lancer, I needed until 7 may to breakeven. so my loss is about 79 (since they deduct from me also many accurals)

        in hypermood I'm about $30 plus 

        A complaint
  25. ustfin 2 May 2023 16: 45

    In the chat they write that they have approved the new terms of payments. Monday and Friday from 0.00 to 13.00

    A complaint
    1. 4difeer666 2 May 2023 18: 38

      I am glad that the admin hears people, shows intentions not to close

      A complaint
  26. richmonkey 2 May 2023 13: 30

    A complaint
    1. UdayAS8 2 May 2023 17: 40

      already did, thanks Rich 

      A complaint
    2. 4difeer666 2 May 2023 18: 38

      It's sad that there are no approximately equal intervals, like Wednesday-Sunday

      A complaint
  27. ustfin 2 May 2023 11: 56

    On the other hand, few of the investors made withdrawals every day, many so withdrew once every two or three days, judging by the chat in the cart. So the version that the project decided to streamline payments and cut its costs, in my opinion, has the right to life. Let's hope for the best, but the situation is really exciting. 

    A complaint
    1. 4difeer666 2 May 2023 13: 25

      Despite the fact that they will really save the commission, they could reduce it when withdrawing

      A complaint
  28. UdayAS8 2 May 2023 11: 25

    The situation is a little bit scary but we can't do anything but wait

    A complaint
  29. richmonkey 2 May 2023 08: 45

    Payments made weekly! From new deposits while to refrain!

    A complaint
  30. Managerruslan 2 May 2023 01: 32

    Everything will be fine, I think. Deps are doing well and there are plenty of opportunities to buy ads. Apparently tired of a million withdrawals daily

    A complaint
    1. UdayAS8 2 May 2023 11: 26

      they made a poll on telegram group to let investors vote for what two days to withdraw in 

      mostly chose Friday and Monday. let's hope it will be alright

      A complaint
    2. 4difeer666 2 May 2023 13: 24

      I hope so, it remains only to wait

      A complaint


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