Slang in the HYIP industry

HYIP industry is a rather specific industry. Here, investors use special slang, which is difficult to understand for uninitiated users.

  • Adva - this is Advcash payment system. It is considered the most popular in the industry.
  • Админ - investment project manager. His duties include monitoring the operation of the resource and making payments to depositors.
  • Aplight - a user who invites potential investors to the fund.
  • Account - personal account of the depositor, in which all information about him is available. Here the investor is able to perform various manipulations (to replenish the balance or to request payment).
  • Butcher - the sequence number of any transaction.
  • Pinocchio - a large investor who has invested unnecessarily large funds in an investment project.
  • Verification - the procedure for checking depositors, requiring to provide a scan of a passport or other documents
  • Doubler - a project that doubles your investment.
  • Deposit - contribution to HYIP. It is from this amount that interest is calculated.
  • Ddos attack - an attempt to disable the resource.
  • Diversification - a procedure that allows minimizing financial risks by distributing funds across various investment sites.
  • Zakidon - a situation when a huge amount of investment comes to HYIP.
  • Inside - data that is available only to a narrow circle of people.
  • instant - payment, which takes a few seconds.
  • Qualifications - a number of requirements for receiving cash.
  • Gingerbread Man - investor making a deposit in a short period of time. If possible, he is trying to withdraw money as quickly as possible.
  • Moneybox - investment projects that make it possible to withdraw money at any time.
  • Wood stove - a user who invites investors into a knowingly unprofitable project.
  • Mishutka - a person who actively lures investors into one or several projects, referring to the true legend of the activity or the TOP admin.
  • Multiaccounts - several accounts that are registered under different e-mail addresses by one contributor.
  • partisan - a resource that works exclusively on a script with a mediocre design (or without it). Over time, able to evolve into a full HYIP.
  • Peydposter - a person promoting the site for a fee.
  • Perfect - electronic payment system PerfectMoney. Enjoys wide popularity in the industry.
  • weeper - user with different pessimistic views.
  • Profit - Profit from investment in the resource.
  • restart - this is a veiled scam. The admin is trying to completely or partially write off financial obligations to investors and resume the operation of the project.
  • Refʙek - a certain percentage paid by the referral for registration.
  • Refskie - a certain percentage of your referrals.
  • Refovod - a popular resource investor who, by his link, is able to attract a large number of potential investors.
  • Reflink - a link from one of the project participants to attract new investors, from which he will receive a certain percentage.
  • scam - waiver of financial obligations to investors under any pretext.
  • Fast - investment platform, the yield of which exceeds 60% per month.
  • Hitry - These are investors who seek to quickly scroll money in the project. They make short-term deposits, then take the profit and the body of the deposit.

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