Kurs.expert - how to get cashback from the exchange

Kurs.expert - how to get cashback from the exchange

It turns out that by making money exchanges, you can also earn extra money on this.

Exchange monitoring functionality Kurs.expert allows you to receive rewards for exchanges in the form of cashback. The service has an extension for browsers that will allow you to receive cashback automatically, but first things first.

In this article, we will briefly go over the monitoring of exchangers Kurs.expert, because our blog already has a complete analysis of the service, we will consider the possibility of exchange rewards and describe how you can get a cashback, talk about the reputation system of exchangers, and also attach several instructions for working with this service.

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About monitoring exchangers Kurs.expert

Kurs.expert is a service for tracking exchange offices, which helps to choose the desired exchange direction with a more favorable rate. In simple words, it is the monitoring of exchangers.

The service allows you to quickly and conveniently select the direction of exchange and find the most profitable exchanger in order to lose as little as possible on the difference in exchange rates. The selection of exchangers is strict, so the administration fully vouches for their reliability. Even for the slightest misdemeanor on the part of the exchanger, it can affect the soonest exclusion from the list of offered services.

Our blog has a complete overview of monitoring exchangers Kurs.expert. We recommend to read:


For monitoring exchangers Kurs.expert There is an interesting feature - cashback. You can only get cashback from those exchanges that have a dollar sign in front of them. If the completed application was profitable for the exchanger, then it makes an affiliate deduction to monitoring, through the affiliate link of which the user made the exchange.

The above deduction will be considered cashback. Monitoring of exchangers Kurs.expert gives the user in this case 100% of his reward.

In order to receive cashback, you need to register on the monitoring site of exchangers - all rewards will be credited to the balance in your personal account, from which they can be withdrawn to your wallet. The easiest option to get cashback is to install expansion for browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Yandex.Browser.

After authorization in the extension, you will be able to follow the links of exchangers in the extension or directly through monitoring, make exchanges and receive cashback for this automatically.

Exchange reputation system

In order to avoid fraudulent exchangers, the team Kurs.expert introduced its own rating system.

According to the platform team, the system for ranking exchangers by reviews is outdated. The administration of monitoring almost never checks the fact of payments to customers and remove claims in reviews, believing the owners of the exchangers by word of mouth.

When added to the rating, exchangers go through the verification stage (verified sites are indicated by a green shield icon). In addition, the service calculates a comprehensive assessment of each exchanger according to several indicators. The final reputation rating ranges from 0% to 100% and has four colors: gray (no rating), red (0% to 54%), yellow (54% to 74%) and green (74% to 100%) . The higher the percentage, the better the rating. Reputation metrics:

  • Exchanger age. If the exchanger is less than six months old, then 1 point is assigned to it, if more than three years - 100 points. The parameter weight is 30%. Assessed in points from 1 to 100.
  • User Reviews. All reviews are taken into account, including those claims that have been withdrawn. The parameter weight is 25%.
  • Application processing speed. Evaluated based on user feedback on the results of the exchange. All user ratings are taken into account - a few negative reviews contribute to the rating of a parameter, even if most of the reviews are positive. The parameter weight is 20%.
  • Support work. It is also evaluated based on the results of a user survey. Even if positive reviews are in the lead, the overall score will be lowered for negative comments. The parameter weight is 15%.
  • Affiliates. Assessed by the monitoring team. All parameters - 10%.

Data on all parameters (except for the affiliate program) that form a reputation are open and available to users on the exchanger page.

Instructions for working with a personal account

We have prepared some instructions for working with the exchanger's personal monitoring area in order to help you start using it faster.

  • Register
  • How to exchange
  • How to get cashback without a browser extension


By exchanging money through the monitoring of exchangers kurs.expert not only profitable, but also there is an opportunity to earn extra money thanks to cashback.

If you need to exchange money in order to invest in HYIPs or in crypto, then this service is what you need.

The advantages of the sea. Starting from a large number of exchangers and exchange directions, ending with additional ways of earning.

PS If you do not have monitoring of exchangers, then you need to use VPN.

Write in the comments: have you used the monitoring of exchangers? kurs.expert... Share your impressions with our partners.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Happy and profitable investment!

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    CourseExpert is celebrating its 8th anniversary.

    In honor of the birthday, on December 10, 2022, a promotion is launched "Increased cashback".

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    The promotion is valid only on December 10th. Do not miss!

    You can find more information about the conditions of the promotion on the page. https://kurs.expert/ru/news/4265/cashback100.html

    On our blog there is a complete overview of the monitoring of exchangers KursExpert. We recommend to read: Kurs.expert – Review and reviews of monitoring exchangers

    As well as detailed instructions on how to get cashback from monitoring exchangers KursExpert. We recommend to read: Kurs.expert - how to get cashback from the exchange

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