Kurs.expert - how to get cashback from currency exchange

Kurs.expert - how to get cashback from currency exchange
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It turns out that by conducting financial transactions, you can also earn additional income.

The exchange point monitoring functionality at Kurs.expert allows you to receive rewards for exchanges in the form of cashback. The service offers a browser extension that enables automatic cashback, but let's go through it step by step.

In this article, we will briefly go over exchange point monitoring at Kurs.expert. Since our blog already provides a comprehensive review of the service, we will focus on the rewards for exchanges, describe how to get cashback, discuss the exchange point reputation system, and provide several instructions on using this service.

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About the Kurs.expert Exchange Monitor

Kurs.expert is a service for tracking exchange points, helping you choose the best exchange direction with a more favorable rate. In simple terms, it's an exchange monitor.

The service allows you to quickly and conveniently select an exchange direction and find the most profitable exchange point to minimize losses due to rate differences. The selection of exchange points is strict, so the administration fully guarantees their reliability. Even the slightest misconduct by an exchange point can lead to its swift removal from the list of recommended services.

Our blog has a comprehensive review of exchange point monitoring at Kurs.expert. We recommend checking it out:


The Kurs.expert exchange monitor has an interesting feature - cashback. You can only receive cashback from those exchange points that have a dollar icon next to them. If the submitted application was profitable for the exchange point, it makes a partner payment to the monitor through the partner link used by the user for the exchange.

The aforementioned payment will be considered cashback. In this case, the Kurs.expert exchange monitor gives the user 100% of its reward.

To receive cashback, you need to register on the exchange monitor's website - all rewards will be credited to your balance in your personal account, from which you can withdraw them to your wallet. The easiest way to get cashback is to install a browser extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Yandex.Browser.

After logging into the extension, you can follow the exchange point links in the extension or directly through the monitor, make exchanges, and automatically receive cashback.

Exchange Point Reputation System

To avoid fraudulent exchange points, the Kurs.expert team has implemented its own rating system.

As claimed by the platform's team, the rating system based on reviews is outdated. Monitoring administrations almost never verify payments to customers and dismiss complaints in reviews, trusting exchange point owners blindly.

When added to the rating, exchange points go through a verification stage (verified sites are marked with a green shield icon). Additionally, the service calculates a comprehensive rating for each exchange point based on several indicators. The final reputation rating ranges from 0% to 100% and has four color designations: gray (no rating), red (0% to 54%), yellow (54% to 74%), and green (74% to 100%). The higher the percentage, the better the rating. Reputation is based on the following indicators:

  • Exchange Point Age. If the exchange point is less than six months old, it is awarded 1 point, and if it's more than three years old, it receives 100 points. Parameter weight - 30%. Scored from 1 to 100 points.
  • User Reviews. All reviews are taken into account, including complaints that have been resolved. Parameter weight - 25%.
  • Order Processing Speed. Evaluated based on user reviews following an exchange. All user ratings are considered – even a few negative reviews can affect the parameter score, even if the majority of reviews are positive. Parameter weight - 20%.
  • Support Service. Also evaluated based on user survey results. Even if positive reviews are predominant, negative comments will lower the overall score. Parameter weight - 15%.
  • Affiliate Program. Evaluated by the monitoring team. All parameters - 10%.

Data on all parameters (except the affiliate program) that form the reputation are open and accessible to users on the exchange point's page.

Instructions for Using the Personal Account

We've prepared some instructions for using the personal account of the exchange point monitoring to help you get started quickly.

  • Registration
  • How to Exchange
  • How to Get Cashback Without a Browser Extension


Exchanging funds through the exchange monitoring service kurs.expert is not only profitable but also offers an opportunity to earn extra cashback.

If you need to exchange money for investments in high-yield programs or cryptocurrencies, this service is exactly what you need.

There are numerous advantages, starting from a wide range of exchange platforms and exchange directions, and ending with additional ways to earn.

P.S. In case the exchange monitoring platform doesn't load for you, you may need to use a VPN.

Share your experiences with our partners in the comments: Have you used the exchange monitoring service kurs.expert?

We hope that this article has been helpful to you. Wishing you successful and profitable investments!

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