How to choose the right HYIP?

Before investing in HYIP, it is necessary to conduct a thorough check. Experts recommend paying attention to the visual and technical aspects.

Visual aspects

  • Resource Design. Make sure the design of the investment project is unique. If he met you earlier, then it is not expedient to analyze the site further - clones do not exist for a long time. The text which has got out abroad, careless registration, non-functioning buttons, testify to the unfair attitude of the administrator to the creation.
  • Content The investment project is filled with unique and high-quality content. If you find a lot of errors, then the administrator did not even bother to re-read the text, opening the HYIP in a hurry. This indicates that he will soon nipple.
  • Contacts. Copy phone numbers and addresses from the “contacts” section, then type them into any search engine. Sometimes these data are the same for several investment resources. If the admin has not paid for new contacts, he is hardly going to fulfill his financial obligations to depositors for a long time.

Technical aspects

  • Domain and Hosting. Make sure that the domain of the investment site does not end in Russian zones (ru, su, rf). Make sure that the site does not have Russian domain name registrars and hosts. Otherwise, it can be blocked at any time. Unlocking will take a sufficient period of time, after which, HYIP is unlikely to exist. Invest in resources with a foreign domain and hosting.
  • SSL. Such an abbreviation in the address book indicates reliability. With its absence, the risk that the investor's data will be intercepted and used for mercenary purposes increases. Reviews about HYIPs of reputable contributors make it clear that most projects have SSL. Its absence indicates that the administrator does not care about the safety of investors.
  • Verified WalletPerfectMoney». Most resources in the HYIP industry use this payment system for transactions. Find out if the project’s electronic wallet is verified. Bona fide administrators interested in stable work undergo this procedure, because it reduces the commission by 1,5%.

How not to make a mistake when choosing a hype?

After the initial analysis, you need to listen to the opinion of reputable investors who have vast experience.

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