Weekly Report 27.06.22 - 03.07.22

Weekly Report 27.06.22 - 03.07.22

We are smoothly moving into the second month of summer and we invite you to familiarize yourself with the events on the projects that are on our blog over the past week.

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TOP for deposits

taxi-money.info Average profit
Start date 22.05.2014
bonus + 5% of the deposit
Team turnover 120 531 $

Another week of the economic game has come to an end. This game continues to delight with instant payouts.

solidtradebank.com Low profit
Start date 07.10.2013
bonus + 0.5% of the deposit
Insurance 1 000 $
Team turnover 111 624 $

We have created a new deposit in the project on 2 500 $. Now the total amount of the deposit is 10 000 $.

8bit.ltd Low profit
Start date 15.10.2018
bonus + 1% of the deposit
Insurance 1 000 $
Team turnover 105 031 $

The low-income project continues to demonstrate stable and confident performance.

superkopilka.com Low profit
Start date 13.05.2013
bonus + 1% of the deposit
Team turnover 44 831 $

A truly popular project completes another week of work successfully.

Robotics.online Low profit
Start date 02.09.2019
bonus + 5% of the deposit
Insurance 2 000 $
Team turnover 43 910 $

After the circle is completed, the work continues again.

trustaking.io Low profit
Start date 31.05.2022
bonus + 1% of the deposit
Team turnover 10 382 $

The first circle will soon be completed after the project is posted on the blog. We look forward to this moment.

dexygon.com Average profit
Start date 19.06.2022
bonus + 5% of the deposit
Insurance 1 200 $
Team turnover 5 951 $

The novelty of our blog has quickly moved to our "TOP by deposits".

Scam of the week

  • grenminerDate of scam

    It's hard to part with such projects, but sooner or later it had to happen. As part of the blog, the project successfully completed 20 days. This, of course, is a rarity for fast, and the admin also digested cereals with ease. We, together with our partners, had the opportunity to earn at the rates "Fast" и "Start" from + 160 % to + 300 %, and taking into account offer you could earn from us + 280 % to + 420 %... Congratulations to those who managed to get out and fix a profit, we sympathize with those who lost!
  • Lady ClubDate of scam

    The music didn't last long. The admin took the new ad for an extra charge. In general, the fast project worked quite well, but not for us. There was exactly a day on the blog, who went to the first after-plan (most likely no one), he did not have time to pick up the deposit, who sent most of them out on the sentry, but if they did not have time to go to the second round.
  • VitradeDate of scam

    He lived quietly and died quietly. The problems started at the end of April. There was news about the alleged block of the account of the binance of the project for 40 days, the deadline has long expired and the admin has not been in touch for more than a week, there are no payments, respectively. The project was not popular, we managed to return a little more than 50% of the deposit.
  • mabon и RacknftDate of scam

    Opened on the same day and closed at the same time. It feels like the same admin. Worked without result. Fortunately, few people have entered these projects and are pleased that they listened to our recommendations.
  • CrunchplayDate of scam

    The administrator wanted to, but could not. They almost took theirs.
  • repoweDate of scam

    With such profitability, it was not worth counting on long work. In rare cases, this may happen. A little more than two days have passed since posting on the blog. Who did not think for a long time and immediately went with us, it was possible to break even and make a profit up to + 25 %.

Video review

You can watch the report on the events of the past week in a convenient video format on our Youtube channel.

Weekly yield chart

We would like to draw your attention to the moment that the calculation of profitability is carried out from the point of view of an ordinary investor, without taking into account partner charges.

# Project Yield
in a day
during the week
deposit with
in a day
during the week
1 taxi money 1.1% 7.7% 235 000₽ 2 585₽ 18 095₽
2 8bit 0.03% 0.21% 5 000 $ $1.5 $10.5
3 Solid Trade Bank 2.2% 10 000 $ $220
4 Superkopilka 1.07% $500 $5.35
5 Robotics Up to 0.36% Up to 1.8% 1 000 $ ~ 3.6 $ ~ 18 $
6 Trust Staking 0.7% 4.9% 3 000 $ $21 $105
7 Dexygon Up to 2% Up to 10% $500 ~ 10 $ ~ 70 $
8 Infinity Bet Up to 0.8% Up to 5.6% 2 000 $ ~ 16 $ ~ 112 $
9 Safe Assets 0.27% 1.89% $200 $0.54 $3.78
Total invested: 25 247 $ Income per day: 86.16 $ (+ 0.34%) Income per week: 821.25 $ (+ 3.25%)

Results of the week

Last week was, to put it mildly, terrible in terms of scams, but in fairness, we, in turn, covered 100% of our team's losses, which is good news.

It can be said that no new products have appeared, if you do not take into account scams, so we continue to go with the flow and wait for what the hype industry has prepared for us in the middle of summer.

We remind you that we are looking for additional ways to earn money. Share your ideas in the comments below this post:

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    Good report Rich, only it says that Vitrade is covered on 50%, but in fact 120%

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      I think he meant that the investors could withdrew up to 50% of the deposit

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      Yes, it means the percentage that could be withdrawn during the work

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      The main thing is that everything is in the black in the end!

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