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Ai Logistics

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Address: Title: scam
Start Date: 02.07.2018 Added to blog: 12.07.2018
Have worked: 30 days Monitor: 20 days
Yield: from 0.8% per day Our contribution: 1 000 $
Ref. program: 7% - 4% - 2% - 1% -1% Insurance: -
Min contribution: 10$ Deposit Bonus: 3.5%
Min conclusion: 1$ Protection: Ddos + Ssl
payment type: Manual Payments: tooltiptooltiptooltiptooltiptooltiptooltip
Our informer
The project stopped payments (scam 06.09.2018). Fund amount - -. Order compensation.

About us

The company earns on wholesale trade and logistics, entering into transactions with international corporations. The company's IT department has developed artificial intelligence that automated business processes and reduced costs. Thanks to the algorithm of the AI, the company has the opportunity to earn more. Having a unique technology and experience in the logistics business, we offer you a reliable way to invest in trust management AI Logistics. This will allow you to receive a stable annual income.

Promising prepared mullary. According to reviews of bloggers, it is already known that the project does not purchase advertising and is not in a hurry with active development, thereby claiming long-term stable work. From September more active development and multidirectional use of marketing tools is planned. The project has its own chip - its own internal lottery. Interesting high-quality HYIP for long-term investments and suitable for large deposits. There is information that the administration is here with experience, so we do not miss the start. There is a whole standard set of payments, and a choice of cryptocurrency is included without converting to $. We recommend to participate! The project will be an excellent option to diversify the portfolio for the summer season. We go at the start! PS The project is organized insurance fund for partners and investors of the project. Weekly in the insurance fund accumulates 10% from investments who registered in the project on our link. The duration of the insurance fund is 3 month since its inception.

Project marketing

  • Percentage yield: 0.8% per day
  • Accrual of interest: calendar days
  • Term of the deposit: 365 days
  • Deposit Amount: from $ 10
  • Return of deposit: included in charges
  • Overall yield: 292%
  • Net profit: 192%
  • Percentage yield: 1% per day
  • Accrual of interest: calendar days
  • Term of the deposit: 365 days
  • Deposit Amount: from $ 500
  • Return of deposit: included in charges
  • Overall yield: 365%
  • Net profit: 265%
  • Percentage yield: 1.2% per day
  • Accrual of interest: calendar days
  • Term of the deposit: 365 days
  • Deposit Amount: from 10 000 $
  • Return of deposit: included in charges
  • Overall yield: 438%
  • Net profit: 338%

You can order refbek for a project with a domain name at the rate of 3.5% from your contribution and, thereby, increasing your income. To order a bonus from a deposit, go to the page: order refbek and fill out the form.

Video review of the project Ai Logistics

We recorded a video review, which we recommend you familiarize yourself with. Subscribe to our Youtube channel, leave comments and like the video!

Risk reminder

Investing is always risky. It is very important to always remember and understand this. The above company is no exception, so it will not be out of place to remind you of the main investment rules:

  • Diversify your cash. Simply put, do not invest the entire amount in one project.
  • The higher the percentage of return, the greater the risk. Do not forget to withdraw funds from the project immediately after accrual.
  • Before investing, check the status of the project.
  • Do not invest borrowed money.
  • Get ready to lose money and participate in free money.
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1 000 $

378 $ / %
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News of the project

The project stopped payments (scam 06.09.2018). Fund amount - -. Order compensation.

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  1. richmonkey
    06.09.2018 16:47
    Project went to scam!

    Do not invest!

    Work out a month with such marketing and enter the verification of contracts to activate the withdrawal, and also make the procedure for processing contracts 14 working days. It was expected that they want to delay payments and no longer pay. Not work, but the whole idea.

    During the work weekly 10% of the sum of deposits accumulated in the insurance fund, applications do not need to be submitted, based on the data on refbek compensation will be paid.

  2. johnjuniorpirson
    06.09.2018 12:32
    Miracle did not happen, but sorry
  3. albinanurm
    04.09.2018 19:04

    ordered the payment
  4. johnjuniorpirson
    04.09.2018 15:08
    Has anyone passed verification?
    1. albinanurm
      04.09.2018 18:35
      today stepped up. Exactly 14 working days have passed. wrote in online chat.

      15 Aug filed
  5. Alex01011961
    30.08.2018 21:36
    There is no verification for two weeks, but today there is no access to the site either! I have long since arisen contracts, I felt SCAM! Scamopida, no more words!
    1. Yandrey
      31.08.2018 12:17
      Access is, try to refresh the page.
    2. albinanurm
      04.09.2018 19:10
      working site. only ordered payment
  6. denisprav
    24.08.2018 17:28
    Pays stably !!!

    My deposit !!!
  7. richmonkey
    17.08.2018 17:50

    Sent verification contract to activate withdrawal. Instructions for filling the contract

    If you have problems, do not understand the contract, or you can’t fill it out, write to us, and we'll figure it out.
  8. Alex01011961
    17.08.2018 13:41
    Tell me, do they demand that everyone conclude an agreement, send it and verify it for withdrawal?
    1. richmonkey
      17.08.2018 17:50
      Yes. need to send. If you have questions, please contact us.
      1. Alex01011961
        17.08.2018 22:28
        Thank you Rich, I understood everything and the contract sent another 14.08.2018 year, but things are still there, the funds on Thursday 16.08.2018 have not been withdrawn, they say that a large load does not have time to verify the contract, well, wait, of course, but what to do! Although lately no one wants to believe, everywhere lies and scams !!!
  9. denisprav
    03.08.2018 21:11
    Pays stably !!!
  10. albinanurm
    03.08.2018 10:57

    weekly payout