Piggy bank marketing - complete investor freedom

Piggy bank marketing - complete investor freedom

Investment projects with piggy bank marketing are a great example of how HYIPs have developed over the past 4-5 years.

In this article, we will talk in detail about what a separate type of investment projects is, which are called piggy banks.

Why do we keep saying that piggy bank marketing is complete freedom for the investor? Let's figure it out.

Piggy bank marketing: principle of operation, advantages and disadvantages

In the HYIP industry, the expression "piggy bank" or "piggy bank marketing" means that the marketing of this project allows you to fix the deposit according to certain rules.

Piggy banks can be found as perpetual, and with a certain term of the deposit, for example, 30 days, after which the deposit can be withdrawn without commission.


  • The ability to withdraw a deposit at almost any time. It is this point that we will analyze as the first advantage of this type of marketing in HYIPs, because. this is the complete freedom of the investor. Of course, the rules for withdrawing a deposit for projects may differ, but basically piggy banks offer to withdraw a deposit after 1 day with a fine of -5% to -25%. It is worth noting that there are conditions that allow you to withdraw a deposit after 10 or more days, as well as gradually decreasing fines depending on the duration of the deposit.
  • Relevance. Starting in 2018, you can increasingly see projects with just such marketing. As of mid-2022, this type of marketing is found in almost every third, if not second, project.


  • Complex marketing in terms of project management. Due to the fact that HYIPs work on the principle of a financial pyramid, the administration is not always pleased to part with the invested money at any time when the investor wants it + it is necessary to pay interest, and the influx of new participants is decreasing.
  • Marketing Relevance Doesn't Mean Success. In principle, this item can be attributed both to the first in disadvantages, and to the second in advantages. If you see piggy bank marketing in the project, this does not mean that the admin will be able to work well. In this case, the experience of the administration in this role is very important.

Examples of how HYIPs work with piggy bank marketing

It would be appropriate to give a few examples of what piggy banks are and how they work out.

  • Bitaeon
  • Amc23
  • Revelates


We have prepared for you a set of several recommendations that we believe will be useful when working with projects of this kind.

  • Do not invest the entire amount in one project. Despite the fact that this type of marketing implies the withdrawal of a deposit at any convenient moment for the investor, this does not mean that the project will work forever. Otherwise, you risk losing everything. Allocate money to projects and minimize risks.
  • Set an adequate profit bar. Try to assess the situation of the advertising campaign, ask yourself the question “how much net income should I expect with such a daily percentage?” and set the profit bar, which will be enough for you for the time spent in this project.
  • Withdraw money as often as possible. This rule applies, of course, to each project, but do not forget to withdraw your accruals according to the opportunity that the project gives you in order to minimize the risks of losing funds.

We also recommend a few articles for beginners:


Piggy bank marketing, which has gained popularity among admins and investors, has already become quite familiar compared to how it was 4-5 years ago. HYIPs with such marketing are becoming more and more common, which is why we wrote this article so that beginners have the opportunity to understand the intricacies of this kind of projects.

In this article, we analyzed: the definition of the word "piggy bank" in the HYIP industry, the advantages and disadvantages of this type of marketing, gave several examples of the work of this kind of projects, and also gave several recommendations that must be followed when participating in them.

Write in the comments about your experience in projects with piggy bank marketing.

We hope this article was helpful to you. All successful and profitable investments!

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