Zion-finance.com - SCAM! Compensation has been paid.

Zion-finance.com - SCAM! Compensation has been paid.


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08.05 | 12:00

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Extremely important!

If you are a referral site RichMonkey.biz and got a refback from us (deposit bonus), then you have the right to receive compensation for this project.

Before you fill out an application for compensation, please carefully read the article. What is insurance in HYIP and how to calculate the net loss?

Applications for compensation are accepted through the form "Order insurance»

Dear Partners

Our blog is doing everything possible to support you and significantly reduce losses when investing in HYIPs.

Please treat with respect to our earnest request to unsubscribe on our website, in the forum thread and on the VKontakte group about receiving insurance payments. It only takes a couple of minutes, but with this simple action you support monitoring and our work.

If you are grateful for the compensation, please unsubscribe about receipt on the site, and also, if possible, in our forum thread. mmgp, on the aggregator Hyiplogs and on the page VK.

With constant "non-correspondence»Reserve the right to refuse to pay subsequent insurance.

Rules receiving subsequent insurance payments. Familiarize!

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Комментарии (25)

  1. Base 10 May 2022 15: 53

    Hi all. Very pecked at a modest and seemingly long-playing and solid project. Threw a considerable 9415 us in Great Danes and BNB and raped 7462 voiced us digital coins in losses. The Englishman played me cool. Solid and beautiful zionfinance was built, but the Englishman fell off cheaply.
    It's like a witness to a friend's wedding preparing for a long time and hard, dressed cool and expensive, perfume, that's all. The girl was invited to the celebration ... and he did it liquidly - in front of all the guests in the midst of the event. The Englishman is really Fu...
    However, my mind was pleasantly struck by the amount of compensation of 1866 USDT frankly and in kind paid by the Admin of the RICHMONKEYBIZ project from insurance. Noblely real! Health to you admin RICHMONKEYBIZ and good luck.
    I'll wander off to lick my wounds... smear everything with green paint. And yes... The RICHMONKEYBIZ project is the Coolest. Admin Thank you sincerely for your generosity. It costs a lot.

    A complaint
  2. Lumin 10 May 2022 12: 27

    Thanks for the 100% insurance!
    2022-05-09 17:09:18 +9,7 USDT ID: 1786128be97da62999dcbf84c95b1e3bd00e5fc3bf7c294808e10bd4c024842e

    A complaint
  3. Droinvest 10 May 2022 11: 23

    Thanks to Rich for 100% compensation in the Zion project

    Received payment of $177,14 from account U21717020. Reminder: payment via API. Compensation from RichMonkey.biz for Zion Finance 

    I'm very happy. Let Rich and his team do well)

    A complaint
  4. l000rvv 10 May 2022 00: 31

    I sincerely thank you for 100% coverage of losses in the Zion-finance project. Thank you Richmonkey!

    A complaint
  5. Alex2601 9 May 2022 22: 52

    Thank you for 100% insurance compensation in the Zion-finance project:
    Хэш транзакции: https://tro....................ransaction/2f77eeaf00f3ad5bb35eb4ef4805a92......
    Sending amount 78 TRX_USDT
    TVyT sender..............................
    Current number of confirmations 20+

    A complaint
  6. Mihhha 9 May 2022 20: 24

    Received 100% loss insurance thanks:09.05.22/13/59 14.25:21717020 ReceiveReceived Payment 22288274 USD from account U462628566 to account UXNUMX. Batch: XNUMX. Memo: Payment API. Compensation by RichMonkey.biz for Zion Finance. 

    A complaint
  7. 4difeer666 9 May 2022 19: 03

    Thanks for the insurance:

    USDT330Завершено2022-05-09 18:13:12Детали

    Address : TRDXE3AkpvvReVc9qLzm2fLvN7qeKAqsYJ
    Txid : 64b13ae579e4aa235297b075e1f3965c154de91fe4315af8ca36d07e7983c7fb

    A complaint
  8. UdayAS8 9 May 2022 18: 39

    Great job distributing the insurance.

    congrats for all

    A complaint
  9. Wight 9 May 2022 17: 40

    Once again, thank you very much for the compensation! I'm going to invest it in one of your premium projects. 

    A complaint
  10. richmonkey 9 May 2022 17: 19

    And so, compensation was paid for 5000 $.

    - 17 applications up to $500 covered 100% (the amount of compensation 39% from the general fund)
    - 2 applications up to $1000 covered 65% (the amount of compensation 24% from the general fund)
    - 1 application from 1000$ covered 25% (compensation amount 37% from the general fund)

    Calculation in the table

    A complaint
  11. UdayAS8 6 May 2022 17: 43

    the losses are already beyond 10k !!! 

    I hope everyone will get decent coverage

    A complaint
  12. Akimskate 6 May 2022 07: 56

    sickly buratos got caught

    A complaint
    1. richmonkey 8 May 2022 18: 03

      According to the rules for such a large contribution, there will be less compensation.

      A complaint
      1. 4difeer666 8 May 2022 20: 31

        In general, without him, everyone had enough even with large losses by 100, that’s what people believed, if you think about it, he personally is almost a quarter of a turn

        A complaint
        1. richmonkey 8 May 2022 22: 03

          I think that up to $500 there will be 100% coverage 

          A complaint
  13. richmonkey 5 May 2022 19: 56

    Good afternoon!

    According to the rules https://richmonkey.biz/insurance.html

    For large losses (from $ 500) the reduced coverage percentage will be applied. So that, due to several large losses, the overall percentage of compensation does not suffer so much.

    A complaint
  14. blogphotaichinh 5 May 2022 18: 30

    Đây là một dự án tốt, xin lỗi tôi đến muộn

    A complaint
  15. mmnnvv1986 4 May 2022 16: 17

    It was a good project. It's a pity I came in late. I hope the insurance will cover some of the losses... Thanks RichMonkey

    A complaint
    1. Alex2601 4 May 2022 18: 26

      Perhaps not part but 100%, the sum insured here is decent, but of course the deposits were numerous and not small!

      A complaint
  16. Akimskate 4 May 2022 11: 38

    The insurance is big, but the cutlets were spinning sickly, I hope everyone who has lost will be covered up to boo

    A complaint
  17. Alex2601 4 May 2022 07: 53

    I can’t believe that such worthy projects are being closed, well, let’s count the losses.

    A complaint
  18. yaden2809 4 May 2022 07: 07

    Almost went to boo, I hope the insurance will cover the loss. But anyway, thanks for the refund!

    A complaint
  19. Wight 4 May 2022 05: 02

    And I was just about to invest. In time! 

    A complaint
  20. 4difeer666 4 May 2022 01: 07

    I wonder what the loss will be in the end, the insurance is good, but the deposits here were not $100 each

    A complaint
  21. richmonkey 4 May 2022 00: 55

    Py.Sy. Please do not rush to apply for compensation. The site is down and you can no longer see your statistics, whoever has losses, please calculate your losses more accurately, we have all the data for each user based on your refback requests, everything will be checked as usual. Those whose deposits were not in USDT and since the amount is indicated when submitting in $, the amount of payments must be indicated at the rate at the time the deposit was created (for example, if the deposit was in DOGE at the rate of 0.15 and now the rate is 0.13 and you withdraw 1000 DOGE, we indicate the amount of payments $150). And since the site is no longer working, all your history on the project can be found in the mail by notifications. If anyone has any problems or questions please contact us. Contacts.
    A complaint

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