3 000 000 $ investments through our blog RichMonkey.biz. To summarize

3 000 000 $ investments through our blog RichMonkey.biz. To summarize

Dear partners, we are pleased to announce that the total number of deposits through our blog monitoring RichMonkey.biz has exceeded the mark in 3 000 000 $ from the moment when the site was updated and statistics were added. 4 years after the rebranding, we managed to achieve this goal. Let's summarize the small results of our work.


For the third time we thank our team in such news articles. As cliche as it sounds, none of this would have been possible without you! Thank you for leaving feedback, comments, supporting projects, for participating in our contests and so on. Thank you!

Let us remind you that we fully began our work around the fall of 2016 in the VK segment, which has rapidly outgrown, and now you have a high-quality resource with useful articles, increased bonuses, contests and insurance.

Some statistics

Rebranding of our blog with an update that included statistics happened 24.04.2018 and we wrote about it in this article.

By the way, just a little less than a year ago we wrote about reaching a turnover of $ 2, and this is exactly what happened 04.05.2021:

4 years have passed and during this period after the rebranding of our site we have the following results on 16.04.2022:

  • our partners have already invested more than 3 000 000 $ in the hype projects that we select;
  • processed over 24 300 Bonus applications
  • 119 000 $ bonuses paid;
  • 6 840 the contributions of our partners were insured in projects;
  • more 197 000 $ covered by the losses of our team;
  • 20 050 $ paid for writing comments on our blog and participating in contests.

Our statistics are completely open. All applications for orders of bonuses and compensations can be viewed on the forms: refbek и belaying.

Refback stats:

Compensation stats:

We continue to develop our blog. We hope that everyone notices how we try. This is especially noticeable in the allocation of increased bonuses from deposits, as well as more and more insurance funds for projects appear, even if they did not exist before the project was closed. Investors choose us and we are grateful to them for that! Further more!


In a little less than 1 year, we managed to overcome the mark of another $1 of investment.

Once again, thank you to our team of partners for staying with you. We try to do everything possible so that you are not disappointed in your choice.

Of course, he is fully involved in such an increase in turnover. Zetbull, to whom we dedicated another contest as a sponsor of profit in 2021.

After updating the site, we have such results and we hope that soon we will release another news about 4 000 000 $ invested using our blog.

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  1. kanat 2 July 2022 22: 22

    Congratulations thanks for the blog opportunities to earn  

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  2. Taomaster 28 June 2022 03: 34

    Nice blog guys. Don't just squat. You are an excellent aggregator and a reliable insurer and informant. There are only a few like you!

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  3. dekilion 6 June 2022 18: 56

    Congratulations! Hope we continue like this

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  4. Managerruslan April 20 2022 01: 44

    Great job, Richie. Of course, we all see, that's why there are so many contributions through the blog. 

    Personally, for a year and a half, I have only been visiting RichMonkey projects.

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  5. Alex2601 April 19 2022 13: 13

    Well let's go! Congratulations to everyone, I wish Rich success in finding worthwhile projects, profit for everyone!

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  6. rave2k20 April 16 2022 15: 01


    Those results only prove the level of trust that we have in your work.

    Keep going Rich?

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  7. Loveykin April 16 2022 14: 21

    Congratulations! Good news, worthy project! Good job!

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  8. Anzhel April 16 2022 14: 09

    Cool news! I congratulate everyone on such an event!

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  9. Akimskate April 16 2022 12: 40

    Please accept my congratulations, and thanks to the team for the work)

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  10. Mihhha April 16 2022 12: 09

    Good upward trend. This indicates the high quality and reliability of RichMonkey.biz monitoring. Good luck with further development. 

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  11. n1kto253 April 16 2022 12: 07

    Congratulations, great result! 

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  12. UdayAS8 April 16 2022 12: 05

    wow!! just wow!!!

    This proves the big trust between Richmonkey and us the investors 

    I wish more and more success to Richmonkey blog and its Admin since he literally made my life better and easier

    Thanks and waiting for another million turnover :)

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  13. 4difeer666 April 16 2022 12: 01

    Congratulations to Rich and the whole team with such a figure, we develop further!!!

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