Xelius.me - SCAM! Compensation has been paid.

Xelius.me - SCAM! Compensation has been paid.


Date of scam


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Application deadline until

27.03 | 12:00

Losses are covered by


Extremely important!

If you are a referral site RichMonkey.biz and got a refback from us (deposit bonus), then you have the right to receive compensation for this project.

Before you fill out an application for compensation, please carefully read the article. What is insurance in HYIP and how to calculate the net loss?

Applications for compensation are accepted through the form "Order insurance»

Dear Partners

Our blog is doing everything possible to support you and significantly reduce losses when investing in HYIPs.

Please treat with respect to our earnest request to unsubscribe on our website, in the forum thread and on the VKontakte group about receiving insurance payments. It only takes a couple of minutes, but with this simple action you support monitoring and our work.

If you are grateful for the compensation, please unsubscribe about receipt on the site, and also, if possible, in our forum thread. mmgp, on the aggregator Hyiplogs and on the page VK.

With constant "non-correspondence»Reserve the right to refuse to pay subsequent insurance.

Rules receiving subsequent insurance payments. Familiarize!

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Комментарии (19)

  1. levnks 28 March 2022 15: 19

    Congrats everyone on 100% coverage! 

    A complaint
  2. Alex2601 28 March 2022 04: 27

    Thank you for 100+% compensation in the Xelius project! Transaction hash: https://tro........................ransaction/dd56edd167400c2cbecc63249d46f45e
    Sending amount 23 TRX_USDT
    TVyT sender..............................
    Current number of confirmations 20+

    A complaint
  3. UdayAS8 28 March 2022 01: 00

    Top compensation, congrats for everyone

    A complaint
  4. Max One 28 March 2022 00: 09

    Thanks for the insurance)) ordered 22, received $ 29 very nice for such a bonus!!!

    Deposit Successful

    2022-03-27 22:10:SS

    You have deposited 29 USDT at 2022:03:27 19-10-43 (UTC). 

    A complaint
  5. Akimskate 27 March 2022 22: 38

    Excellent coverage came out)

    A complaint
  6. Ruslik0000 27 March 2022 22: 19

    Thank you very much, you are the best!!! 

    A complaint
  7. Max One 27 March 2022 19: 53

    Right in front of the scam, I replenished the deposit ((

    A complaint
  8. ilya28087 26 March 2022 22: 24

    There are not many losses, it's a pity that I missed the project (

    A complaint
  9. Akimskate 26 March 2022 14: 29

    Insurance is definitely enough for everyone who was left in the red)

    A complaint
  10. 4difeer666 25 March 2022 17: 42

    There should not be many losses, most came in at the beginning, already in profit for a long time 

    A complaint
  11. levnks 25 March 2022 14: 57

    It's a pity to lose such a project. Although it made a profit, it was nice to get profit from it every day :(

    A complaint
    1. UdayAS8 26 March 2022 12: 40

      I'm sorry that i deposited just $10 :(

      A complaint
      1. levnks 26 March 2022 21: 56

        Yes, you threw a little. I am 100$

        A complaint
      2. UdayAS8 26 March 2022 23: 35

        Thanks for Richie's good projects, now I'm able to deposit more

        A complaint
  12. Andrii12 25 March 2022 14: 35

    I went in early January, recaptured the deposit and made a profit. It's a pity such a project

    A complaint
  13. Mihhha 25 March 2022 13: 29

    It’s a pity that the project was coolly designed, besides, it was possible to earn on tokens, but everything has already collapsed ....... 

    A complaint
  14. Alex2601 25 March 2022 12: 03

    All the same, the project did not recover, I did not manage to pick up 12 percent of the depot.

    A complaint
  15. UdayAS8 25 March 2022 12: 03

    Losses are not expected and if there are some i think the compensation will be 100% ;)

    A complaint
  16. Managerruslan 25 March 2022 11: 38

    Ahhh, how I loved the astronauts :(

    A complaint

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