- Stops working with the PerfectMoney payment system. - Stops working with the PerfectMoney payment system.

Dear clients of SolidTradeBank group of companies!

SolidTradebank stops working with the payment system PerfectMoney

All STB customers can exchange their Perfect Money funds to USDT (TRC20) at a 1:1 rate with a 0% commission. exchange page.

According to the STB development strategy published by SolidTradeBank CEO Federic Michael, adding popular crypto payment methods is one of STB's top priorities for 2022-2024.

STB announces support for 11 new payment methods: BTC, ETH, TRX, BNB, USDT (TRC20), USDT (ERC20), DOGE, XRP, LTC, DASH, BCH.

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Комментарии (7)

  1. UdayAS8 3 February 2022 12: 33

    Good news since new comers can deposit now through a lot of currencies

    A complaint
  2. levnks 2 February 2022 20: 12

    The news is very tempting for new contributions, but we need to see how the project will live now.

    A complaint
  3. Anzhel 2 February 2022 19: 18

    The news is so-so ... Eh, PM has nowhere to apply

    A complaint
  4. 4difeer666 2 February 2022 17: 48

    In fact, a very good set of crypts has been added, I think this will have a positive effect on the legend!

    A complaint
  5. Akimskate 2 February 2022 15: 56

    It seems like it’s okay, we’ve already got used to the fact that the PM leaves the HYIPs, but it’s somehow strange that everything happens, it’s too selective :) if you compare it with the PE, then they stupidly abruptly abandoned the HYIPs and that’s it, but here it’s been dragging on for about a year story

    A complaint
    1. UdayAS8 3 February 2022 12: 41

      same thing was on my mind 

      Since mid 2021 PM is closing account with HYIP but until this moment it didn't stop completely

      A complaint
    2. 4difeer666 9 February 2022 01: 28

      Pm is just too old, it also appeared before the partner, everyone there has a lot of wallets and money, I think it’s just hard to refuse it right away

      A complaint