- Officially registered its activities in the Russian Federation.

Dear partners! "Rentalo"officially registered its activities in the Russian Federation, including activities related to private investment (OKVED 64.99). The project received legal status Ltd.that takes it to a completely different level and opens up new possibilities. Now we can officially work on the territory of Russia, respectively, in the near future work with rubles. An entry in the unified state register of legal entities can be found at

A promising project of partisans with big plans for development. Started quietly, without listings and purchased ads. Summer will be smooth and quiet. Active development is planned closer to the fall. The project will be an excellent option to diversify the portfolio for the summer season. We recommend it to everyone! Successful and profitable investment! Our contribution is 1 000 $.

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  1. Lorik351
    10.07.2018 10:33
    Withdraw to Lorik351 from

  2. albinanurm
    03.07.2018 10:27

    super project. I advise everyone for the summer! + There is an insurance fund at the entrance of each new partner on 60 days!
  3. Lorik351
    03.07.2018 10:22

    payout for 7d thanks!