Weekly Report 01.11.21 - 07.11.21

Weekly Report 01.11.21 - 07.11.21

For a long time, weekly reports were not released, because corrected the site after the update. Now we have prepared an updated report on the events that happened with projects on our blog over the past week.

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TOP for deposits

zetbull.com Highly profitable
Start date 16.05.2019
bonus + 5% of the deposit
Insurance 8 888 $
Team turnover 480 939 $

Truly TOP work! Once again, we publish the interim results that after removing the limits and launching the ZETX tariff in the project, we, together with our team, had the opportunity to complete the fifth circle according to a new plan, which in total brought us + 210 % net profit! We remind you that according to the old tariff, which is no longer available, it was possible to complete 8 laps in total and earn + 240 % net profit + 5 % refbek from the blog for each new circle!

taxi-money.info Average profit
Start date 22.05.2014
bonus + 5% of the deposit
Team turnover 116 675 $

The economic game with the withdrawal of money continues to pay out to its participants in the instant mode.

8bit.ltd Low profit
Start date 15.10.2018
bonus + 1% of the deposit
Insurance 1 000 $
Team turnover 84 302 $

Another quiet week of work behind the back.

solidtradebank.com Low profit
Start date 07.10.2013
bonus + 0.5% of the deposit
Insurance 1 000 $
Team turnover 73 480 $

Project Partisan continues to show good results.

superkopilka.com Low profit
Start date 13.05.2013
bonus + 1% of the deposit
Team turnover 37 845 $

Stable and confident work continues.

logicpro.biz Average profit
Start date 14.02.2019
bonus + 5% of the deposit
Insurance 5 555 $
Team turnover 36 294 $

The project administration extended the branding placement and purchased a banner in the blog header. From the advertising budget, we decided to create a new deposit for 2 000 $!

zion-finance.com Low profit
Start date 06.08.2018
bonus + 1% of the deposit
Insurance 1 000 $
Team turnover 19 847 $

A high-quality and promising low-income project with the potential for long-term work, slowly but surely, demonstrates good results. At the moment it was possible to earn from + 42 % to + 69.3 % net profit.


kladoiskateli.org Low profit
Start date 09.09.2021
bonus + 2% of the deposit
Insurance $500
Team turnover 2 454 $

The administration of the economic game announced that the limit was increased by 1 rubles in the "Savings bank" section, and a new section "Characters" was added.

Scam of the week

  • RaffyDate of scam

    Perhaps someone managed to take the deposit early, but in fact there is no work for us. You could earn + 20 % net profit, taking into account the penalty for withdrawal, or just recapture 40% from the deposit. It seems that after the DDoS attack, the admin tried to restore work, but nothing came of it + there was a piggy bank marketing in the project, in which, after a panic and a long lack of access to the site, they begin to take deposits.
  • BRIDate of scam

    Certainly the best work was expected. After being posted on the blog, the 30-day plan didn’t have time to close. It was possible to beat back on it before 40.32% from the deposit. We managed to go through only two short circles of 10 days each, earning at the same time + 30 % net profit. Congratulations to those who managed to get out and fix a profit, we sympathize with those who lost!
  • MeatexDate of scam

    It seems like it's not a scam, but it's hard to part with good projects. After posting on the blog, it was possible to go through 3 circles with a margin of several days, while earning up to + 100 % net profit taking into account our bonus. Everything is fine, but if the admin left with dignity and did not act so badly by launching a deposit promotion a few days before the scam. Congratulations to those who managed to get out and fix a profit, we sympathize with those who lost!
  • Top IncomeDate of scam

    Another project is leaving us. Although he did not enjoy high popularity in the HYIP market, he worked quite well. It is difficult to calculate how much one could earn, since the investment plans changed, but it was possible to at least double the deposit. Congratulations to those who managed to get out and fixed a profit, we sympathize with those who lost!

Video review

You can watch the report on the events of the past week in a convenient video format on our Youtube channel.

Weekly yield chart

We would like to draw your attention to the moment that the calculation of profitability is carried out from the point of view of an ordinary investor, without taking into account partner charges.

# Project Yield
in a day
during the week
deposit with
in a day
during the week
1 Zetbull 2.1% 14.7% 7 500 $ $157.5 1 102.5 $
2 taxi money 1.1% 7.7% 235 000₽ 2 585₽ 18 095₽
3 8bit 0.03% 0.21% 5 000 $ $1.5 $10.5
4 Solid Trade Bank 2% 2 000 $ $40
5 Superkopilka 1.07% $500 $5.35
6 Logic Pro 2% 10% 2 500 $ $50 $250
7 Zion Finance 0.5% 3.5% 3 000 $ $15 $105
8 Ship alliance 2.5% 17.5% $400 $10 $70
9 Robotics Up to 0.36% Up to 1.8% $500 $1.8 9$
10 Kladoiskateli 2 4.33% 30.31% $365 $15.8 $110.63
11 Infinity Bet Up to 0.8% Up to 5.6% $500 4$ $28
12 Bit plam 4% 28% $300 $12 $84
13 Chopos 1% 7% $300 3$ $21
Total invested: 25 912 $ Income per day: 304.12 $ (+ 1.17%) Income per week: 2 070.6 $ (+ 7.99%)

Results of the week

A large number of projects left the blog last week. In some of them we managed to make money, and in some they didn’t. Scamfalls have always been, are and will be, especially when many projects are launched at the same time. Those who have been with us for several years, believe me, it was even worse! There are such periods on the market, for a long time nothing really goes into scam, + - several projects, but then the projects suddenly start to close in batches. Fast scammers are launched + giants and old people who have worked with dignity leave + can pull other work projects with them, as investors begin to be cautious about investments during a scam or leave projects in which they participate at this time. Do not get upset and move on! Do not forget that we are trying to offer the best conditions for our team, which concern not only bonuses from the deposit, but also good coverage of losses.

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