- The project has acquired blog branding. - The project has acquired blog branding.

We transfer funds from advertising to the insurance fund and now it amounts to $1500. Investing has become even safer! Our blog offers a great opportunity to earn money for everyone! And we, in turn, spent new deposit and our total contribution is now $1000... An ex-partisan who has proven himself in the network for a period of work and fulfillment of obligations to investors for 1000 days... The project worked in a quiet mode, almost no one knew about it and, apparently, during this period there were no particular contributions. During the work, two rebranding were made, in April 2020 and at the end of September 2021, according to open statistics, deposits on highlogs began only at the end of July this year. The project was made with high quality not only in terms of technical training, but also the elaboration of the legend of activity, content, documentation. A project with the potential to work in the fall, mid-income marketing, decent execution and with competent development can take a place among the top projects of the present time. We always adhere to the rules of diversification, we enter the project with a cool head and adequate amounts, and do not forget about the risks. Happy and profitable investment!

Today, the turnover of our first line structure 14 076 $ and it is constantly increasing.

The project has a bonus from the deposit. 5%

For those who recently entered the project or are just starting their work, now it works perpetual insurance at the rate of $1500 for a safer login!

Invest with the RichMonkey team and get the best conditions for cooperation in strong projects!

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  1. ilya28087 31 October 2021 15: 27

    Great news, thanks!

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  2. Akimskate 29 October 2021 12: 06

    Great news, investing in the project becomes safer)

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  3. Tatarin152152 26 October 2021 11: 29

    Great project. We wish him only development!

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