- Review and feedback on the service for tracking the cryptocurrency market - Review and feedback on the service for tracking the cryptocurrency market

It is difficult to imagine an investor or trader without a tool that will allow you to track the dynamics of the exchange rate, capitalization, rating of cryptocurrencies in one place.

Fortunately, there is a service I, which makes life much easier and saves time when searching for the necessary information. In this article, we will take a closer look at a service for tracking the cryptocurrency market. website

What is

I Is the largest information and statistical site for tracking cryptocurrencies trading on exchanges. This site collects information from all cryptocurrency exchanges and groups it in one convenient place for users. The information on the site is updated online by processing the data provided by the exchanges. In addition, on the site you can find a variety of rating information, comparative charts, historical market data, etc.

The site was developed on May 1, 2013. At the time of this writing, the site has overgrown with many useful tools for investors and traders, which we will talk about separately.

Again, at the time of this writing, there are over 13 cryptocurrencies on the site, as well as over 000 exchanges.

The developers claim that their mission is to provide users with the most accurate and up-to-date information about cryptocurrencies, to ensure the reliability of which they have to adhere to the position of anti-censorship and neutrality.

They also claim that they do not take payment for adding new coins to their service.

PS But you can still buy advertising on the site. Site Review

This is how the main page of the site looks like. I In our opinion, the site is intuitive even for beginners.

We have prepared small instructions and descriptions of the site's functions, but in order to reduce the volume of the article, we hid them, so whoever needs or is interested, click on the "plus" and familiarize yourself with the site in more detail.

  • Top of the website (menu + widgets)
  • Rating
  • How to register on
  • How to create a portfolio


As promised, we have disassembled the service in sufficient detail I Most likely, you shouldn't have any questions.

This service will be useful to absolutely everyone who is interested in the rapidly developing world of cryptocurrencies.

We hope this article was helpful to you. If you have questions, leave them in the comments to this article.

Invest successfully and profitably with! Happy and profitable investment! website

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  1. Anzhel 15 November 2022 21: 58

    An excellent informational and statistical site for tracking cryptocurrencies trading on stock exchanges.

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  3. Mihhha 17 March 2022 13: 46

    Thanks for the interesting article.

    For those who want to immerse themselves in the world of cryptocurrencies, is the very vast testing ground.

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    1. UdayAS8 23 July 2022 10: 44

      it's really good, but i hope that they make mobile version of the site more practical 

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  4. levnks 15 March 2022 22: 05

    It is very convenient to watch the exchange rate in widgets. From whom I advise you to download iPhone!

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  5. UdayAS8 8 February 2022 00: 23

    Thanks for the article Richie

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  6. levnks 21 January 2022 21: 24

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    1. Mihhha April 30 2022 00: 02

      Thanks for the recommendation. Recently, slowly but surely busy looking for promising tokens. CoinMarketCap is a very suitable service for this. 

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  7. 4difeer666 30 November 2021 23: 36

    Thank you for the article!

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  8. Anzhel 30 November 2021 23: 31

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  9. Wight 5 November 2021 09: 29

    Their widgets are very convenient. Recommend! 

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    1. Akimskate 23 November 2021 08: 59

      I agree, very convenient

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    2. 4difeer666 30 November 2021 23: 37

      When I kept a lot in the crypt, I also used them, quite practical. Now temporarily removed!

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    3. UdayAS8 26 February 2022 23: 27

      Thanks for the tip!! 

      I downloaded it to check BTC and TRX prices right now

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  10. ilya28087 4 November 2021 14: 21

    Thanks for the review, I myself recently became interested in the site and thought about drawing up a portfolio, and then the article arrived))

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  11. Akimskate 3 November 2021 08: 59

    Excellent service, I have been using it for a long time. They often carry out various kinds of activities where you can get a small but pleasant bonus to your portfolio in the form of new tokens (Quiz). I also recommend collecting diamonds - once a day you need to click on the "collect diamonds" button. So far, you can exchange various NFTishkas for them, which cost nothing much, but who knows what will happen to them next? :)

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    1. Anzhel 30 January 2022 16: 21

      You have an excellent experience with the service, useful information

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    2. 4difeer666 5 February 2022 01: 19

      Yes, a good topic has already come out, there is a friend who made 350k in a month, I don’t like to understand this, maybe I’ll join later

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      1. Akimskate 5 February 2022 11: 50

        On oil with kmk?

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        1. 4difeer666 8 February 2022 01: 02

          I didn’t ask, but she’s with where the nft with pictures are connected, not really, to be honest, I’m rummaging around in this

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      2. UdayAS8 8 February 2022 00: 25

        Guys you seem to all have an experience in Cryptocurrencies world and I really want to know more and try to eanr from it beside investing in HYIP??

        Can you point me to place where i can learn from the ground?

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