Bulk domain blocking in the HYIP industry. What is the future of HYIPs?

Bulk domain blocking in the HYIP industry. What is the future of HYIPs?

More and more often you can read information in the news of telegram channels dedicated to HYIPs that the domain of this or that HYIP has been blocked. Unfortunately, the massive blocking of HYIP project domains has begun, but fortunately there is a way out of the situation. In this article, we will express our opinion about the current situation, discuss what ways out of it are, as well as the future of HYIPs.

About the current situation

Recently, more and more often we read news from HYIP projects that their domain has been blocked. It seems that someone is massively throwing complaints and perhaps this wave will pass, but so far both project administrators and ordinary investors are experiencing slight difficulties.

It feels like a scam finiko was the last straw of Roskomnadzor's patience and they seriously decided to take up HYIPs. It seems like in the summer of 2021 a bill was passed that it will be possible to block financial pyramids without a court decision. As we can see, this is happening now.

It is obvious that it is not profitable for the state to give work to HYIPs, since they bring a lot of income to people when compared to high risks, which is definitely worth considering. Many people take loans and so on to participate in HYIPs and get burned out. Accordingly, hence the complaints. People would participate without greed and with their own money, understanding all the risks, maybe nothing like this would have happened, but it is worth admitting that HYIPs live at the expense of such people.

How to get access to HYIP if it was blocked

Blocking occurs on the territory of the Russian Federation, respectively using VPN or Proxy of another country, you can easily connect to the site.

Another way is to use the mirror domain, if present. Admins solve this problem with mirrors.

What is the future of HYIPs

Despite the fact that many HYIPs receive domain blocking on the territory of the Russian Federation, they do not receive blocking of the entire site. Accordingly, you can bypass this limitation by using VPN, least.

What's in store for the HYIPs? It is difficult to give an answer to this question, but we will still try to guess.

We believe that the lion's share of the HYIP market is occupied by the ru-segment and due to such blocking, the inflow of funds into the industry may decrease, but experienced users have long been using VPN and there is no problem for them. Most likely, if a person wants to make money on HYIPs, he will set himself VPN and will not experience any discomfort.

Especially now, at a fast pace, HYIP admins are connecting mirror domains that redirect you from a blocked site to an accessible one, but the mirrors can also receive the block and all over again.

In general, there are ways out of the situation and not everything is as bad as it might seem at first glance. We believe that blocking will not greatly affect the subsequent development of the HYIP industry.


The situation with HYIPs now may seem like a stalemate, but we believe that HYIPs definitely have everything that can be solved and have a future. Perhaps now, in order to participate in HYIPs, you will need to use VPN, who knows?!

In any case, do not get upset and continue to work. We hope that the wave of complaints and blockings will soon end and everything will return to its place.

We hope this article was helpful to you. If you have questions or tips, leave them in the comments to this article.

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