DragonEggs.one - Advertising Campaign.

Dear usersDuring the summer season and many scams, it is quite difficult to effectively advertise projects to further support the game's economy.

In this regard, we decided to create a special contact for your promotional offers, help or advice. Possible options insurance your deposits or referral deposits on special terms, increase referral% either add. payment for the activity of referrals. Perhaps a discussion of your advertising services, but payment in advance can not be guaranteed.

You need to write on a special contact telegrams @thesupport.

Advertise Referral link to friends and on third-party services, so you will ensure yourself guaranteed passive income!

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  1. alhom
    04.08.2018 08:35
    Advertising is the engine of progress. Hip projects are no exception.
    Here are the same rules as in any other field of activity. Advertise one or another HYIP and attract more and more potential investors. You earn it yourself and give it to others.)).